6 Ways Going Outside Can Help You Lose Weight

mother and daughter playing in a field

Research has shown that spending time in the great outdoors can reduce stress, strengthen immunity and relieve pain. Did you know that going outside can also help you lose weight? It’s a simple step that can produce big results over time.

If you’ve been struggling to shed pounds, try changing the venue from inside four walls to the fresh open air. You won’t only enjoy the view better, but you’ll see the weight drop faster. Here are six reasons to get outside for a slimmer, fitter you!

1. There are so many activities to choose from!

The outdoors offers a wide range of activities to participate in, many of them conducive to health and weight loss:

  • Head to the lake for a swim
  • Take a bike ride
  • Go for a walk in the park
  • Grab some friends for a game of soccer or tennis

Engaging in outdoor activities like these helps you burn calories quicker and keeps you from doing sedentary things that don’t benefit your waistline.

2. Outdoor exercise lasts longer

Exercise is an important part of weight loss but not a fun one for many dieters. It is not enjoyable to slog through a stifling gym workout with your eyes on the clock. Exercising outside is much different. The bright sunshine, cool breezes, and natural beauty make the outdoors an exhilarating place to get fit and an easy place to lose track of time. This results in a longer workout and a quicker path to weight loss.

3. Cooking outdoors encourages healthy eating

If you like to grill outdoors, you might want to make it a regular habit. Grilling drains excess fats from meats and other foods, making it a healthier way to cook than other methods. Plus, grilling lends itself to healthy meal choices that focus on whole rather than processed and packaged foods. Grilling goes hand-in-hand with outdoor yard play, like a game of Frisbee or fetch with the dog!

4. Getting outside means getting away from screens

Being outside offers a break from computers and other electronics that can hinder weight loss due to their sedentary nature. It’s not just harder to see screens outside; it’s also less desirable to be on them when there are so many other breathtaking visuals to capture your attention. Best of all, decreased screen time leads to more physical activity as well as lower BMI and obesity risk.

5. Fresh air boosts energy and motivation

Feeling lethargic indoors? The stifling air and closed-in space can have that effect on the brain and body. For an energy boost, go outside. You’ll feel refreshed and inspired to move, which can improve your attitude and approach to weight loss. Having more energy increases strength, focus, and stamina, all qualities that can help you shed pounds faster and more successfully.

6. Going outside improves sleep and weight loss

If you’re a poor sleeper, going outside may help and can make losing weight easier. One study showed that spending time outdoors improves sleep because it resets the body clock to be in sync with nature’s light and dark cycle. The better you sleep, the more likely you’ll make healthier food choices and avoid overeating and bingeing. Sleep also has a positive effect on metabolism.

Just Get Outside!

Losing weight can be quicker with one easy step: going outside. Spend more time in the great outdoors and see for yourself what a difference it can make to your weight loss efforts and overall well-being.

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