Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Get your energy, libido, and strength back by correcting your hormone imbalance.

Low sex drive, fatigue, muscle loss, lack of energy and motivation… a change in your hormones may be to blame for all this and more.

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Male hormones such as testosterone are responsible for many of the body’s essential functions, including metabolic regulation, hair growth, and muscle repair.

As we get older, the production of these essential hormones naturally decline – by the time we reach our 40’s and 50’s, our testosterone levels can fall as much as 25%.

This change in hormones can lead to a wide range of symptoms, including weight gain, muscle atrophy, low motivation, and sexual dysfunction.

If you are a man in your 40’s and above, you may be experiencing several of the following symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance:

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Men

Man exercising while looking fatigued
Man exercising while looking fatigued
These symptoms can be resolved safely and effectively with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.

The term bioidentical means that the hormones used to treat your symptoms replicate what your body produces on its own.

While there are many forms of testosterone therapy available, BHRT offers the advantage of being able to provide 6-8 months of steady hormone delivery, without any messy creams or painful injections.

Plant-based pellets also allow us to deliver a higher dose, providing a much better result over alternative methods.

By naturally supplementing hormone production, we can reduce many of the negative side effects that come with age and greatly improve your quality of life.

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All Natural &

BHRT uses hormones identical to the hormones produced by the body. It contains no artificial components, precisely matching the hormones produced by the body naturally.

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Pellets inserted under the skin deliver a slow, steady release of hormones into the bloodstream, avoiding a rollercoaster of side effects. This delivery method mimics the way organs release hormones in the body.

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Unique to Your

Through advanced diagnostics and detailed bloodwork, we eliminate the guesswork and provide you with a precise, personalized dosage of the hormones you need to bring your body back into balance.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones Replacement Therapy

Couple snuggling each other in an outdoor area
Couple snuggling each other in an outdoor area

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How It Works


Step 1.

We begin with an evaluation to review your symptoms and test your hormone levels to check for imbalances. Tests can be taken in our office or at your local diagnostic center.


Step 2.
Customized Therapy

Come in for an in-person consultation to review your bloodwork and create a customized program to restore your hormones to an optimally balanced state. An initial pellet insertion provides a steady, slow dose of natural hormones and you’ll begin to feel better, often within the first week.


Step 3.

Schedule follow-up visits to review your bloodwork and check on your progress. Individualized replacement hormones are provided every 6 to 8 months to maintain your ideal hormonal balance, so you can continue to enjoy vibrant health and feel your very best.

Don’t let a change in your hormones stop you from living your life to the fullest.

Aging is inevitable – but thanks to medical advancements over the past several decades, we don’t have to age the same way our parents did.

You should be enjoying life more as you get older, not less! BHRT can help to restore your energy and vitality, and give you the boost you need to live life on your own terms again.

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