How 30 Minutes of Yoga a Day Will Change Your Life

Let’s face it. Being stuck inside with no place to go makes being a couch potato the most natural thing in the world. Especially with winter looming and the plush of a throw blanket singing warm cozy lullabies, getting up and active can feel like a massive drag. Still, sitting around like a lump does nothing for those pretzel-induced love handles hiding under those pajamas. Doing a mere 30 minutes of yoga a day can significantly change many unhealthy habits into lifestyle-altering routines in a short period.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Unlike most traditional workouts, yoga does not actually have to feel like a workout. Many yogic principles stem from clarity and proper breathing. Learning about and implementing different types of breathing has lasting effects on the quality of the workout. The average person undervalues the impact of proper breathing on the body. Air contains oxygen that can cause muscles to tighten or relax just from the amount it receives. Practicing proper breathing during yoga sessions tends to impact overall breathing practices.

Working Out Doesn’t Have to be Hard

What is more relevant is that yoga doesn’t have to be taxing on the body. There are hundreds if not thousands of modifications to poses that change how challenging they are. The goal of yoga is to constantly push one’s body and mind to be better than it was the day before. As with anything, the more practice the better the outcome, but with yoga, there is no perfect. There is only the best that any person can produce with their strongest effort.

Mind and Body Balance 

Another of the central principles of yoga is balance. Learning to flow from pose to pose while keeping focus and balance is not just good for the body, it is also good for the mind. It teaches a person to approach every aspect of their life so as to achieve balance and tranquility. There is not much difference between learning to focus on Warrior 1 poses or on accounting reports. All it comes down to is training the brain and body to follow an order or flow.

Learning to Eat Right

Doing 30 minutes of yoga every morning provides a reason to get out of bed. It starts off the day on the right foot and creates a structure for daily activities. The likelihood of eating a well-balanced meal after a yoga session is higher, mainly because people feel the need not to undo all the energy they put into the workout. This inevitably leads to better eating habits.

Yoga is Habit Forming 

An interesting thing about getting into a yoga routine is that it becomes addictive. The body begins to adjust to feeling good, and so it craves it more. People who have made yoga a part of their routine express noticeable changes in their bodies if they skip days. They tend to feel groggy, and less energetic and motivated.

It’s Not Just a Workout, It’s a Lifestyle

It is important to understand that yoga is not just one of the many ways to work out. Yoga is a lifestyle. It encourages self-actualization and reflection. It teaches people to love themselves and appreciate who they are and what they can achieve. If practiced properly, yoga can have huge positive effects on mood, motivation levels, and self-awareness, while also being a known holistic approach to managing anxiety and depression.

Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

One of the best things about making yoga part of a daily routine is that yoga doesn’t have to be expensive. With the abundance of free YouTube videos and endless Google search responses to How to do yoga searches, getting started is a mat purchase and click away. Even during the pandemic, many yoga instructors are finding ways to conduct virtual Zoom classes for people who prefer more personalized instruction.

Making yoga a part of a person’s daily routine doesn’t just make them less lazy, it completely changes their outlook on themselves and the world. It promotes optimism while having great and lasting lifestyle impacts. Staying fit is actually just an added bonus.

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