Lipotropic Injections

Accelerate Weight Loss with Lipotropics

Reach your goal weight faster by increasing your metabolism and burning fat.

If you’re already on a weight loss plan and want to accelerate your results, or you’re looking for a quick-and-easy way to get started on your weight loss journey, lipotropic injections are worth considering.

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So what are they? Lipotropic injections are a complex of three metabolic components (methionine, inositol, and choline), and they’re used to help burn fat throughout the body by specifically targeting the body’s fat stores.

Studies have shown that lipotropics can increase the metabolism of fats and can aid with weight loss1. When used together with B vitamins, this combination has been found to intensify fat burning and increase overall energy.

Benefits of Lipotropic Injections

Accelerated Fat Loss

Higher Energy

Mental Clarity and Improved Concentration

Better Sleep

Benefits of Lipotropic Injections

Improved Immunity

Reduced Appetite

Stronger Skin, Hair, and Nails

Reduced Inflammation

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How It Works


Step 1.

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Step 2.
First Dose

The first lipotropic injection is delivered in our office by our experienced medical staff.


Step 3.

For best results, we recommend taking one or two shots a week for at least four weeks. You can either continue to get them in our office or self-administer at home.

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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with Greater Ease and More Energy

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