Medical Weight Loss in DeWitt, New York

Medical Weight Loss in DeWitt, New York

You can lose weight in DeWitt with the help of medical weight loss programs offered by Dr. Wendy Scinta

If you have struggled with your weight, you know how difficult it is to overcome obesity on your own. Traditional dietary changes and exercise habits often aren’t enough to bring sustainable changes to your weight. Medical weight loss in DeWitt makes it possible to lose weight and keep it off by using proven strategies to cut calories, overcome hunger and boost energy levels.

Dr. Wendy Scinta and the team of specialists at Medical Weight Loss of New York are highly experienced in helping people lose weight in DeWitt. By following a medical weight loss program in DeWitt, you can overcome past struggles with obesity without straying too far from home.

Medical Weight Loss with Dr. Wendy Scinta

Dr. Wendy Scinta has helped hundreds of people in DeWitt lose weight with her proven medical weight loss programs.

Dr. Scinta takes a multifaceted approach to treating obesity through medical weight loss. In addition to assessing dietary and exercise concerns, Dr. Scinta looks at behavioral aspects that might be influencing weight gain, such as emotional trauma, stress or habits. Many people struggle with obesity due to medical causes. Dr. Scinta evaluates every person individually to ensure that there are no medical conditions preventing them from being able to lose weight in DeWitt.

Medical Weight Loss in DeWitt, New York

Dr. Scinta has several medical weight loss programs in DeWitt that have helped many people lose weight and develop a healthier way of life. Each of the weight loss programs is easily customizable to your individual needs. Dr. Scinta works with each person separately to ensure the best possible weight loss outcomes from their medical weight loss program.

Our medical weight loss programs in DeWitt feature:

  • OPTIFAST meal replacement products: These delicious nutritionally complete shakes, soups and meal bars satisfy hunger and help you to follow a very-low-calorie-diet. OPTIFAST products can replace all or some of your regular diet during your medical weight loss program.
  • Support: Dr. Scinta understands that emotional support is a crucial aspect of medical weight loss. She offers individual and group guidance, fitness advice and dietary support to all who participate in one of the medical weight loss programs.
  • Low-calorie diet: Because complete meal replacement programs like OPTIFAST may not fit with your lifestyle or weight loss goals, Dr. Scinta also offers programs using conventional foods to help you lose weight.

To learn more about medical weight loss in DeWitt, contact Dr. Scinta.

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