Medical Weight Loss in Syracuse, New York

Medical Weight Loss in Syracuse, New York

Obesity is difficult to overcome on your own. You can start losing weight and developing a healthier lifestyle with the help of medical weight loss in Syracuse.

Dr. Wendy Scinta and her team at Medical Weight Loss of New York offer residents of Syracuse medical weight loss programs that give you the ability to develop a healthier lifestyle. Medical weight loss uses proven strategies to cut calories, reduce hunger and improve energy levels so you can eat less, exercise more and ultimately lose weight.

It is difficult to lose weight through traditional diet and exercise alone. With medical weight loss in Syracuse, you are given emotional and physical support as you challenge yourself to be healthier each and every day.

Residents of Syracuse can access our programs for medical weight loss in Fayetteville, which is just a short 17-minute drive away.

Medical Weight Loss Programs in Syracuse, New York

The goal of a medical weight loss program in Syracuse is to equip you with support so it becomes easier to lose weight. Losing weight is a challenge, and it can be hard to make all of the changes necessary at once to achieve sustainable weight loss. By swapping your diet for meal replacement products and offering emotional support and guidance along the way, medical weight loss can help you adjust to a healthier lifestyle as you lose weight so you can keep the weight off for good.

At Medical Weight Loss of New York, Dr. Wendy Scinta offers several weight loss programs:

  • OPTIFAST full meal replacement: During this program, all of your meals will be replaced with OPTIFAST products, like shakes, meal bars and soups.
  • OPTILITE partial meal replacement: This program uses the OPTIFAST products but only part of your diet is replaced with the supplements, giving you the freedom to make a healthy dinner every night.
  • Trim and Tone: This weight loss program features whole foods, guidance and counseling to help you lose weight while following a low-calorie diet.

Dr. Wendy Scinta also offers pre-bariatric surgery support, helping Syracuse residents lose weight before their operation by following the OPTIFAST diet. Losing weight before weight loss surgery improves surgical outcomes and encourages post-surgical weight loss.

Medical Weight Loss with Dr. Scinta

Dr. Scinta is a notable figure in the world of weight loss. She had appeared several times on national television to address weight loss and is looked to as a leader and national speaker on childhood obesity. In 2012, Dr. Scinta was named the Bariatrician of the Year by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.

Dr. Scinta offers medical weight loss in Syracuse for all of those in Central New York who are ready to make changes in their diet and exercise habits and start living a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about medical weight loss in Syracuse, contact us today.


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