Surgical Support Program

Supporting Surgical Programs in New York with Medical Weight Loss

Even Small Amounts of Weight Loss Improve Surgical Success

Losing even a small amount of weight before having bariatric surgery can increase the success of the procedure. Clinical studies by Australian researchers have shown that people who follow a full meal replacement diet for as little as two weeks before bariatric surgery experience significant reductions in liver size and fragility. Their blood sugar levels may also decrease. These changes improve their surgeons’ ability to see the gastroesophageal junction on which they will operate, reduce the risk of intra-operative bleeding and complications, and improve surgical outcomes.

Many surgeons and/or insurance companies currently require patients seeking bariatric surgery to participate in a meal replacement weight loss program before undergoing the procedure.

Longer Term Participation Improves Weight Management Skills

Participating in a comprehensive, full meal replacement program for longer than 2 weeks gives patients the chance to practice many of the skills they will need to learn a new way of eating and coping with emotions after bariatric surgery. Participation also leads to further weight loss, which can make the surgery that much easier.