Testimonial Category: Hormones for Women

Susan's after photo for her bioidentical hormone testimonial
Susan’s Testimonial

“For the past three years, my hormone replacement therapy has truly made me feel like a new woman! I feel like I did 20 years ago with more energy and getting

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Chris Testimonial and after BHRT photo
Chris’ Testimonial

“I finally found Dr. Scinta and since September 2022, I drive 5 hours each way from Massachusetts to New York every 3 months to get my pellet insertion. I do this because

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Billiejo BHRT Testimonial
Billiejo Testimonial

“It never occurred to me that it could ALL be my hormones until my husband found an article about the importance of testosterone replacement in women. I immediately scheduled an appointment with

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Cynthia Testimonial on hormones for women
Cynthia’s Testimonial

“It took addressing my hormone imbalance with Dr Scinta, to realize how significant a role they play in everything from sleeplessness, pain, and foggy thinking, to desire and joy.”

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