Testimonial Category: Weight Loss

Jamie's Weight loss story
Jamie B. Weight Loss Success Story

“I have had trouble controlling my weight for most of my adult life. Losing and maintaining weight was extremely difficult and required strenuous workouts and constant dieting. As I got older it

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Maria weight loss testimonial
Maria’s Weight Loss Testimonial

“Chubby, tubby, plump, baldy belly, thunder thighs…just some of the names that can really do a number on a child’s psyche. I have been overweight most of my 58 years. It didn’t

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Patty G weight loss
Patty G. 75 Pound Weight Loss

“How a Zoom meeting led me to a 75-pound weight loss journey:
With the onset of telecommuting, I have been involved in many Zoom/WebEx meetings. This is when it hit me –

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Kristen's Weight Loss testimonial
Kristen’s Weight Loss Testimonial

“With expert medical care, you will find meal replacements (that work), nutritional education, group meetings and support, as well as possible medication to help you through your journey! I am forever grateful

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