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I have been a patient of Dr. Scinta’s at Medical Weight Loss for almost 4 years now and truly the best way to describe my experience there is LIFE CHANGING!! I still remember my first appointment, thinking what is this just like Weight Watchers or another Nutrisystem themed diet plan? I can say I was wrong. Medical Weight Loss has been life altering. Not only have I been under the observation of an amazing professional yet caring staff, never once did I feel like a number. The knowledge that I have obtained has allowed me to learn more about my body and what it needs to achieve a healthy weight. It is not just about the numbers there it is about your body, your mental health and what vitamins and nutrients I needed to achieve my current weight goal.

Yes, over the years I have gained a couple pounds here and there. Yes, going to my appointments on a bi-weekly basis and getting on the scale was nerve racking at times knowing I ate that piece of cake last night or the pizza two nights ago but at Medical Weight Loss whether I meet with Dr. Scinta herself or one of her two amazing Nurse practitioners Julie and Heidi, they all kept pushing me along encouraging me that the weight I gained can be lost if I just made better choices next time. I work in the restaurant and catering industry and working 100 hours a week missing meals and eating late was a norm for me. Using the Opti fast shakes and nutrient bars as meal supplements throughout the day instead of not eating at all taught me that consuming food throughout the day help me to lose weight as well as feel not so drained and tired. Also not only does Medical Weight Loss address my weight it also addresses my overall health. I get blood work done on a six-month basis and I have learned that my body was deficient in some key vitamins. Dr. Scinta and Medical Weight Loss help me in not only learning about how these deficiencies, but they help give me the tools and supplements to being my vitamin levels back to a normal range.

Okay, as you can tell I can go on forever about how wonderful Dr. Scinta and Medical Weight Loss is and how much I have benefited from being a client there. Yes, I have hit my weight goal and have stayed on track now for the last three months with no weight gain and my goal of course is to stay at my current weight. But I may gain again at some point a pounds here and there and the best thing at Medical Weight Loss is you do not stop being a client there if you do not want to be. They offer a great maintenance plan that allows me to stay a client, having the availability of their products and having the ability to check in with them monthly to make sure I can address any weight issues I may be having. Plus, I can go there no appointment needed just to get weight in to see how I am doing.

So, THANK YOU- Dr. Scinta and the entire staff at Medical Weight Loss for giving me the tools and knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle working with all of you has been LIFE CHANGING!

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