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Anthony– 103 lbs. Weight Loss

Anthony Weight Loss testimonial


I am very grateful for the opportunity to heartily endorse Medical Weight Loss of NY and Dr. Wendy Scinta. I’ve tried what seems like hundreds of diets throughout my lifetime, but this is the first time I have ever lost 100 pounds. I am hesitant to talk about my experience for fear that I might jinx myself, because I realize that it isn’t over. Now I’ve got to keep it off.

From a health perspective, I went from having high blood pressure and taking two meds a day to relatively low blood pressure (typically 110/66) without meds. I went from constant knee, ankle and foot pain, to pain-free. Basketball may no longer be in my future, but total replacement surgery for both knees went from a certainty to no longer a consideration. The painfully debilitating gout that I suffered from has gone, my sleep apnea is at least 80% improved and my blood markers for things like diabetes and heart disease went from fearfully risky levels (i.e., pre-diabetic) to normal and in some cases even better than normal. So yeah, I’m happy. I no longer circle parking lots to get the closest spot to the door, nor do I wait on elevators just to go up one flight.

Like most people who’ve been obese since childhood–I’m now 56–I thought that I pretty much knew and heard it all. My experience with this program has taught me just how much I really didn’t know. That subject is a little too complex to elaborate here, but I am happy to discuss this with anyone who wishes to contact me.

The one thing that I will say is that I significantly underestimated the power of having a team to support me and I drastically overestimated my own ability to do it on my own. The truth is that I couldn’t. I had pretty much given up and I knew that I had given up as soon as I started to contemplate bariatric surgery, something I never thought I would even consider.

Thank you Dr. Scinta, thank you to your entire team. See you next week.

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  1. samModerator

    Anthony- you look great! Continue to keep up the hard work and you will continue to be successful!!!

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