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Barb’s 50 lb Weight Loss

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I was talking to one of my doctors a year ago and complaining about the side-effects of some of the drugs I was taking to control my blood sugar and to relieve my back pain. I had been adding to the list of drugs I was taking over the past few years as my health issues increased. My doctor told me that I had to go and see Dr. Wendy because she was knowledgeable about the drugs as well as to how to help me to get to a healthy weight so that I was not likely to need all of the drugs that I was taking.

I decided that I wanted to make some changes so that I could stop the downward trend in my health conditions and so that I would enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as I got older. Everyone at the office made me feel comfortable and confident that I could set and reach goals to improve my health. Dr. Wendy is always positive, enthusiastic and encouraging. She looks at the ‘data’ from the initial physical exam and weekly weigh-ins and designs a weight loss plan based on the numbers that are unique to each patient and considering the patient’s needs and preferences in regard to food and lifestyle.

Martha helps to design daily food plans; she helps you to understand how the body processes food and teaches you to consider what you eat with an understanding of how to make healthy choices that will help you to reach your weight loss goals.  She provides support and encouragement for your efforts.

When I started the weight loss plan, I was pleasantly surprised at how well my plan worked – I was consistently losing  1.5 – 2 pounds each week, even over the holidays! I changed the way I eat and lost 50 pounds.  I have been able to go off of the drugs with the side effects that were having such a negative impact on my life. I intend to continue to make healthy choices based on what I have learned from Dr. Wendy and Martha so that I can maintain the weight loss and enjoy the good feelings that come with a healthy lifestyle!

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