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Brenda’s Testimonial

Brenda Testimonial on hormones for women

Here they are all of the verbs that were my life: Hot flashing, brain foggy, irritable, insomniac, with no libido and no ability to concentrate, and zero focus. (My poor husband) Until I found Dr. Scinta’s office and her staff that saved me (and him) from a soggy, cranky forgetful, sexless future, that was surely mine. From the first blood draw, they measured everything, and quite frankly it was OBVIOUS why I was feeling like I was! They implanted the first pellet and about 2 nights later, I was sleeping really well, I can’t explain why, but I was.

In about 3-4 weeks I was feeling so much better, no more hot flashes, no more night sweats! I was actually able to think and concentrate and focus. And believe it or not about 2 months in my libido came back! Let’s just say my husband is no longer (my poor husband)… I had a second pellet placed about 3.5 months after the first, and I am feeling amazing. I look great and I feel wonderful.

The only complaint I have with the therapy is that my insurance doesn’t cover it. But I feel so great that I do not care. I will continue to work and pay for it myself. It is worth it. I am 57, (58 in a couple of months.) I play tennis, I play golf, I work 65-80 hours a week and I look great. My son told me the other day, “you don’t look close to 60 Mom.”

If you are having all or some of the symptoms I described, quit suffering, we are so fortunate to live near Dr. Scinta’s office. Give them a call and TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK! I did and I will not look back.

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