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Brooke’s 60 lb Weight Loss

Brooke Weight Loss testimonial

In the summer of 2012, I visited your office with the hope of finally losing weight and keeping it off. After so many failed attempts dieting on my own, I wasn’t convinced your program would work any better; but my mother said that we had to try. Easy for my Mom to say—she has never weighed more than 115 pounds! Well, my Mom was right, not only did it work—it changed my life!

Before I started your program, I was unable to get pregnant. This weighed heavily on me (pun intended!) because I dearly wanted a baby. Now, six months later, I’m 60 pounds lighter—and PREGNANT with my first child! Okay, some of the weight will be coming back on during the next nine months, but it will be ALL baby.

I owe you and your staff an enormous debt of gratitude. It is because of the care given to me by your office during our journey these past six months that I am now shopping for maternity clothes in sizes smaller than the clothes I wore last June. That is amazing!

Thank you Dr. Scinta and staff for giving me renewed hope for the future—life is finally fun again!

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  1. samModerator

    Brooke- I am so happy for you! I hope you and the baby are healthy. Don’t forget to send us pictures when your bundle of joy arrives!! 🙂

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