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Carolyn – 70 lb. Weight Loss

Carolyn Weight Loss testimonial

Size 22? 223 lbs?  Not me!  At least, not me anymore.  Seventy pounds and six sizes later, I’m back.  The new-and-improved old me is back.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  I say it to myself every day.  At seven months post-partum, I had not shed a single pound, and it was weighing on me terribly (no pun intended).  The last trimester of my pregnancy was tough; significant pain left me unable to move around comfortably.  Despite lots of rest and delivery of a healthy baby boy, the pain continued and went unexplained by several medical professionals.   I wasn’t able to run with my older son or get down on the floor and play with him without straining to get up.  I began to wonder if losing some of the weight could help relieve some of the pressure.   My aunt and I went to the Medical Weigh Loss group to hear what it was all about.  (She was encouraged by a friend who had lost over 100 pounds with them).   The program was clearly explained.  This was my chance.  I booked my appointment before I left… It was decided.  I had the will, now here was the way.

I was grateful to have had such a thorough physical examination before beginning the program.  It was then that I realized that had I not taken this first step, I’d soon be on medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.   I didn’t just want to feel better today; I had to my path to tomorrow.

The personal touch given by Dr. Scinta, the entire staff, and others in the program, gave me the confidence, support, and will.  I knew I was not alone.  Being able to understand the way my body needs and uses food made gave me greater power over the choices I was making.

Wanting the fastest results, I opted for the FULL OPTIFAST program.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the first few weeks were an adjustment, especially as I began to realize the addiction I had to sugar and carbs and the ways I was using food to satisfy things other than hunger.  But, I had the will.  Having just shakes and bars got easier and easier, and once over that initial two week hump, I honestly was never hungry.   In fact, I’d sometimes have to make a conscious effort to remind myself to eat.  I liked the taste of the shakes and most of the bars, and having to not worry about food choices was a relief.  I was able to still cook for my family and even sit at the Thanksgiving dinner table without feeling deprived.  Having pounds melt off week after week is so motivating.  The encouragement from Dr. Scinta, the Center’s staff, and other “Full-timers” keeps the momentum going full speed and gave me the chance to focus on other things.  When my clothes no longer fit, I’d donate them immediately.  No sense saving them; I wasn’t going to need them ever again.

I could have stayed on FULL for longer, but the time came to transition to real food.  The process was slow and deliberate, but I now am able to eat anything…with, of course, awareness and moderation.  I choose healthier options and smaller portions, but remain just as satisfied as I thought I was back in the days of cheeseburgers and fries.  To my pleasant surprise, being cleansed from bad habits and unhealthy tastes changed my palate.  I have no desire for greasy, deep fried foods, milkshakes, or thick steaks.  It’s been trumped by my greater desire to be healthy, happy, and here long enough to someday dance with my husband alongside our children’s children.

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