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Caylee’s Weight Loss Success

medical weight loss patient, Caylee

My name is Caylee and I am 14 years old. After spending months of going to my primary care doctor looking for help and answers as to why I was overweight he couldn’t come up with anything except to tell me I need to exercise more and eat better. I already ate healthier than most girls my age and I exercised 5 days a week.  After 7 months of trying things his way and with little to no success I was on my way to the Joslin Diabetes Center for testing.

Scared was not even close to how I was feeling. So my mom started doing some research online and luckily she found Dr. Scinta. She called the office and spoke to Jen and gave her a quick reference as to what was going on with me. Jen said that she thought they could help so my mom scheduled the appointment.

After my physical with Dr. Scinta she said that insulin resistance was the problem and that she thought she could help me fix it and that I wouldn’t need the Joslin Center . So here I am 4 months later. Dr. Scinta and the girls in the office are fantastic. I enjoy going to the doctors now because it’s not such a chore for me anymore. The girls cheer me on no matter what. Words can’t even describe how I feel about myself now and I have everyone at Dr. Scintas office to thank for it.

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