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Cheryl and Steve’s 138 lb Combined Weight Loss

before and after photo of couple, Cheryl and Steve who lost 138 pounds of weight loss combined

I have always struggled with weight my whole life. Cheryl has only had an issue with it in adulthood. In the fall of 2009 we were both losing control of our weight and, for me, it was starting to cause some real health issues. I had recently been diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, had sleep apnea, and high cholesterol. Cheryl had high cholesterol, and had lost control too. We were both the heaviest we had ever been and knew we needed help. I was referred to Dr. Scinta and we visited an info session the week after Christmas 2009. We looked each other in the mirror and made the commitment to each other and ourselves to both go on the full Optifast program and started the first week in January 2010.

I can only say after the fact, but the full program was the best thing we could have done for ourselves. It positioned us to eat on a schedule, manage our caloric intake, and learn from our own observations of the eating habits we had evolved into. It should be said at this time that the group sessions that we attended with Johanna, Brett, and fellow patients were most helpful. After three months on the full program we transitioned to full food. At a group session I voiced a concern that I was afraid of going back to full food as I would lack control of my intake. It was suggested by fellow patient Charlie to track it on Livestrong.Com. After the group session we went home, looked it up and downloaded it to our computers and handhelds. We have been tracking our foods ever since.

At approximately that time Dr. Scinta suggested we introduce more exercise into our regimens. I decided to pull the old bicycle out and give it a spin. To my joy I fell in love with it, purchased a road bike and have been hooked ever since. I continue to ride daily in the basement in the winter on a bike stand. Cheryl chooses to diligently watch her caloric intake and that has worked for her too. We also enjoy winter sports of snow shoeing and cross country skiing. I can not tell you how much better we feel and how much easier it is with the weight off. As of this writing, Cheryl is down 48 lbs., and I am down 90. I am no longer a diabetic, no longer have sleep apnea, and no longer on cholesterol meds. I take no meds except supplements. We both have been able to buy new clothes and receive many compliments.

In closing, both Cheryl and I have nothing but great words of compliments and thanks for Dr. Scinta and her entire staff of professionals. We are grateful and appreciate the focus on weight loss from a medical perspective with continual monitoring and support from the truly excellent staff. Although we are mostly managing our diets and fitness programs ourselves now, we know we wouldn’t be here without their support and guidance.


Steve & Cheryl

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  1. Sam

    I am so proud of both of you. You guys look great!!

    Sam I Am 😀

  2. Lorri

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I am so excited for the two of you…..what a gift you have given to each other. Keep living healthy!!!


  3. Charlie Moore

    You guys did awesome. I am glad the livestrong site worked out so well. I still use it as well, especially while I am trying to squeeze out the last 10 – 15 lbs I want to get off.

    Last summer I did 2 Triathlons and logged many many miles on my new road bike. I also have it set up in the basement for the winter. Riding is by far my favorite of the 3 disciplines, the countryside around here can be incredible.

    Ride Safe!!


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