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Collean – 50 lbs Weight Loss

Collean Weight Loss testimonial

In November of 2015 I took a look in the mirror and decided it was time to seek out and discover who I really was. I spent my entire adulthood caring for others and needed to find the “real” me. I was surrounded by the challenges of life. Family dysfunction along with physical complications from recent surgery, obesity, asthma and low self-esteem. Every morning I opened my eyes I was reminded of my physical, emotional and spiritual reality, my despair. One day in that November, I spoke encouragement to myself and said, “Collean, if you were healthier you would be happier!” That very moment, my life began to change.

I started to search the Internet for a professional medical weight loss program in the Syracuse area. I came across Medical Weight Loss with Dr. Scinta in Fayetteville, NY. I felt drawn to call the clinic and to make an appointment. I faced challenges in my quest to find the most inner me and to lose weight. I was challenged physically, mentally and spiritually to commit myself to the weight loss program and to stay on track. Dr. Scinta and her team aided me every step of the way. They were constantly making themselves available to me through group sessions, nutritional consultants and they were only a phone call away!

Over the past few months I have lost over 50 lbs. I realize now that it was all worth it! I no longer have back pain and need pain medications. I no longer find a need to use my Albuterol rescue inhaler due to an Asthma attack. Losing weight has helped me recover sensation in my legs and feet due a Spinal Fusion surgery. I have found the love for myself again! My zest for life. New activities and adventures. I love me, my new life, my new love and my new future!

Thank you Dr. Scinta and your staff. I love the “real” me.

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  1. Sam

    Very inspiring story Collean. Your after picture reflects your happiness and beauty. Keep up the great work!

  2. Martha Pascucci

    Beautiful on the inside and outside. It was an honor and a pleasure to help someone who has dedicated her life to helping others. Enjoy all the health benefits of the new you.

  3. Doc


    The word that comes to mind when I see these pictures is “transformation.” And I love that you are talking about it in an emotional and spiritual sense as well. Working with you reminds me of why I love my job so much. It has been a gift and a complete honor to have been part of your journey!

    Best of luck with your new life in Atlanta!
    Xox doc

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