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Connie R – 80 lbs Weight Loss

Connie weight loss testimonial


1st appointment at Medical Weight Loss of New York was July 24, 2015.  By Valentine’s Day, 2016 I had lost 80 pounds.

My 7 month journey to a healthier me at 80 pounds less. When I saw my cousin (who had become a client of MWLNY) after a few months, she looked great. She always looked amazing, but today she was glowing, happier, and clearly had lost some weight. As we talked, she gave me Dr. Scinta’s card. I called and made an appointment. It was a month away. During that month long wait, I had time to read the website, talk to my cousin and friends, and get excited about trying a different method to lose weight.

Like many others who struggle with their weight, I did not have discipline and at 304 pounds my life revolved around my weight. I carried a strong folding chair in my car in case I went somewhere uncomfortable or where the seating was too small to sit in. I thought way too much about food, and would get embarrassed for taking seconds and thirds. I was alone most nights of the week, so it was more convenient to eat out – a lot. I then ate more snacks at home. As a teacher I munched all evening while grading papers.

I was worried I would be hungry on this plan and have a hard time leaving food alone, but right away, I was losing 4 to 6 pounds per week, and was feeling better almost instantly. I began exercising with simple weights (NO cardio) to strengthen my legs and arms, and it felt like the weight began to melt off easily.  For any question I had about the changes that were happening, Dr. Scinta’s entire crew were right there to help. Heidi, ALL the Jens, every person was encouraging, supportive, and able to answer questions. This journey has been amazing, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to lower their weight and improve their overall health.

I learned from Martha how to eat better and watch portions and labels. From Lorna I have learned to recognize triggers, and change behaviors that start my stress eating cycle. And from Kulaa I learned how to help my body be its healthiest, what research has shown for fat burning exercises, and how important it is to strengthen that heart muscle. Every person on the team has been so empowering, encouraging, and educational. I have taken notes, and go back to them when I need a boost of encouragement. I have tracked all my shakes, bars, protein, even exercise purchases. Learning how my body will help itself – if I give it what it needs has been amazing. I am off all blood pressure medicine, triglyceride medicine, and no longer use my CPAP breathing machine to sleep. I feel amazing!  I am at the weight I was over 20 years ago and am now eating healthier, making CHOICES to exercise and eat better because it feels good and I want to do it, not because I guilt myself into it. I am so looking forward to the good weather and wanting to be more active in our yard and gardening and boating. And I am so excited about my son’s upcoming wedding and how good I feel going into all the fun activities. I am so appreciative and so is my family of the amazing science behind all that Dr. Scinta and her staff do. They are a team that meets so many levels of mind, body, soul, and heart to help you achieve your goals. I am excited about continuing to make choices that make me feel good. It’s great to see someone I have not seen in a few months and they are so excited for me that it is encouraging, as well. If you are thinking about making a new plan to find a healthier you – don’t delay! This is the most comprehensive plan that I have ever encountered here at Medical Weight Loss of New York! I owe Dr. Scinta and her loving and supportive team all so much for helping me achieve this success. May God bless each of you for all you do to be blessings to us!

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  1. Cindy

    I am interested in more info on this and if insurance covers anything. Cindy.

  2. Kathy

    So wonderful Connie!! Your personal journey encourages us to stick to our own healthy eating plan!

  3. Penny Syevens

    I’m so proud of you Connie !!! You are a beautiful person on the inside as well as out . Your Family is so happy for you & all that you have accomplished including me . Keep up the good work . Love you Penny

  4. J4

    Awesome Job Connie! You are so dedicated to making a healthier life for yourself. So proud of what you have done, glad i was able to be part of your weight loss journey!

  5. Sam

    Connie- This is such a beautiful story. Congrats on all of your success. Thank you for all of your wonderful compliments. You look fabulous, keep up the great work!

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