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Darlene’s 60lb Weight Loss

Darlene's 60 lb Weight Loss testimonial

I’ve tried losing weight over the years using numerous “fad” methods. Some examples are Low Carb, Low Calorie (otherwise known as starvation), Cabbage Soup, Grapefruit, Low Fat, Mayo Clinic, Dexatrim, and Blood Type Compatible. I’ve even joined weight loss clubs and contests hoping that the group mentality and competition would keep me motivated, but nothing worked fast enough or long enough. I would take off pounds but slip back into bad eating habits. Even if I tried eating sensibly and exercising, I felt deprived and hungry.

Finally I gave up trying. I ate whatever I wanted and gained weight at an amazing rate. Of course, no one can sustain such unwholesome habits forever, and my health began deteriorating. I never felt well. My feet were always swollen, my knees pained me, I was nauseous after eating, I had horrible acid reflux, any sort of physical exertion left me breathless, I needed larger clothes every year and, finally, my BMI put me squarely in the obese category.

My final breaking point was finding out that I was pre-diabetic and that my bad cholesterol levels had sky rocketed. I was on the path to destroying my health and body at age 52. I was now desperate for a change and prepared to do whatever it took to make transformation. I considered surgery as a final solution until I asked one of my co-worker’s how he had recently lost weight.

“J” had been shedding pounds continually since December 2013 and looked fantastic. He was seeing Dr. Scinta and told me about her approach to medical weight loss. My first few visits to the office in May were enlightening. I met with the Dr. Scinta, her staff, medical team, nutritionist and behavioral psychologist and learned about the science behind losing weight. Although it seems impossible now that I was this clueless, I learned that all the sugar I consumed on a daily basis was leading to insulin resistance and inhibiting my body from burning the considerable amount of fat I had accumulated over time.

Every week I learned more — what to eat (protein gives you energy that burns slowly and leaves you satisfied for long periods), the importance of drinking plenty of water (healthy kidneys, digestion, cells), portion control, eating smaller meals throughout the day (you are always satiated), eat breakfast (it kick starts your metabolism), read food labels, make meals from whole, simple foods rather than from ready-prepared packages (actual vegetables versus claims of “just like 3 servings of vegetables”), how I can modify my learned food behaviors (stress does not go well with potato chips), and so on.  Dr. Scinta didn’t just help me lose weight she provided information and an education that will last my life time.

I did the Full Program and am so happy that I did. I lost over 60 pounds in about six months, and nearly 100 percent of it was fat. I’m not saying it was always easy. Three of those months were during the barbeque summer months. Due to the racks of ribs I helped my husband smoke and grill, the first three weeks were a definite challenge. Sharing these challenges with others in the Medical Weigh Loss program (with “S,” another co-worker) and during the weekly group meetings got me through the more trying times. My body, mind and attitude went through necessary adjustments, but after those first weeks, it was an effortless process until I reached my goal. I did so well at my 30 pound health evaluation and blood work that I received the coveted Gold Star for my clean bill of health!

I’m excited about my new life, new body and new adventures ahead. As I go forward, I hope to inspire others who may be struggling the way I was. I am prepared to help and share everything I’ve learned through Dr. Scinta and her incredible team.

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  1. Lindsey

    AWESOME! 🙂

  2. samModerator

    Yay Darlene! I don’t even remember that lady in the first picture. Congrats on your success.

  3. Jenn 4

    Awesome Job Darlene! 🙂

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