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Deborah M – 66 lbs Weight Loss

Deborah M Weight Loss Success

Anyone with extra weight has a story, how they got where they are or why they stay there and I’m no different.  I got to my highest weight after a string of medical issues, both my husbands and my own.  In January 2010 we found out my husband has Chiari Malformation.  Many lost days of work, sleep, and money later he has had two brain decompression surgeries to help alleviate some of his Chiari symptoms.  A month after his first surgery I ended up on the table myself with an emergency appendectomy and they had to remove part of my small intestine (I still believe my stomach literally tied itself in knots over what he went through).  And a few months later, just as I’m starting to feel better, a total hysterectomy.

Needless to say not the best year, lots of eating for comfort and convenience. It’s easy to develop the bad habits and let the weight pile on and easier to just let it stay there.  My weight topped out in April 2013 and I tried other diets and joined a gym, but any results came slow and I never stuck with it because I was discouraged as I only managed to lose and keep off 12 pounds over a year time.

A physical in May 2014 was my turning point.  On top of sleep apnea, my doctor told me my insulin level was way too high and my EKG was abnormal.  I laughed to myself, thinking the heart beat was shock because I saw my weight when they checked me in!  Inspired by my mom and sister-in-law who made recent healthier changes in their own lives, I told him the point of my visit was to get healthy and he told me Dr. Scinta could help.

My initial consultation was very informative and I instantly said yes, sign me up!  I started in June on a partial plan and seven months later I’m 66 pounds lighter, with 17 more to go to reach my goal.  My family has benefited as well, my husband and son have also lost weight since our dinners are healthy and my grocery shopping patterns have changed.  I feel like I’ve learned not only the skills to eat proper dinners with my family but what to look for in snacks, and what hungry really feels like.

The shakes and bars are tasty and the plan is easy to follow.  The whole team is very supportive, friendly and encouraging.  Each visit showed progress which made it easy to stick with it. They encouraged exercise, so at the gym I began working with a trainer who gave me the tools I needed to work out in a way that worked with my weight loss.

The plan did have a cost and took some determination but in the end I’m worth it. Health risks could have cost me a lot more!  I feel better, I look better and I know this is a life-long change, a new relationship with food.

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  1. samModerator

    Deb, you look fabulous! I wish you could scream to the world how important it is to invest in your health because as you said the health risks could have cost you so much more. Many people don’t realize this and I wish more did because it matters.

  2. Tracy

    Deb, WOW what a journey it has been for you, in so many ways. Keep up the great work!

  3. Bryan

    Deb, I really like your before and after pictures. Besides the incredible differences in you images, your after picture smile shows a confidence that is just awesome! Congrats!!!

  4. julie

    Congratulations! You look amazing! Keep up the good work!!

  5. Sheila McGuire

    Congratulations,Deb. I remember how you looked in the before picture,but,wow,how far you have come. You look fantastic!

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