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Diane’s 118 lb Weight Loss

Diane's weight loss testimonial before and after photos

I was very overweight, and getting more and more uncomfortable by the day. Taking the dog out to the yard was exhausting, and my hips joints complained every time. I couldn’t even walk down stairs without stopping at every step to shift and make sure my knees weren’t about to give out.

What pushed me to finally take action was the realization that I had reached the same age as my mother had when she was diagnosed with diabetes. I had cared for her through a debilitating illness, and I didn’t want to go through the same thing. I know that I can’t control genetics, but I knew that getting my weight under control would improve my chances of avoiding some of those issues.

Medical Weight Loss quickly proved to be a perfect, non-surgical solution for me. After my initial exam and bloodwork (showing I was pre-diabetic!) I went on the full meal replacement plan and began to lose weight immediately.

I have to say, I never had trouble sticking to the plan. I think several things made it easy. First, I had a great support system, not only at MWL but everywhere. My husband prepared his own meals, my friends and co-workers gave me support and encouragement as the weight dropped away. And the support from the staff at MWL is amazing.

The second thing is that I had decided – absolutely, positively, and unwaveringly – that I was going to succeed. I saw this as my last chance to regain my health, and I wasn’t going to blow it.

The third thing was very simple. I liked the food. I didn’t need to force myself to drink a shake or eat a bar. Yes, it was a bit boring by the very end, but it still tasted good.

Finally, I saw results. I lost weight every single week – sometimes just a little, but always something. I became the master of finding incredible bargains as my clothes got looser and looser. And I felt good! My hips stopped aching, I could walk the dog through the fields behind the house, I could go downstairs without worry. And my bloodwork is excellent.

It’s been a little over a year, and I’ve reached my goal weight. I have transitioned back to “regular” food. I’ve developed a routine of eating six meals or snacks evenly spaced throughout the day, and I’ve become absolutely unwavering in recording everything I eat, so I know what I’ve “spent” throughout the day. I’ve also developed a taste for quite a few foods that I never used to enjoy, and I don’t have the taste for junk food that I used to.

I think one of the hardest things for anyone, especially on a full meal replacement plan, is socializing. I was on the full replacement plan over the holidays last year, and time with family and friends is often spent over a meal. So I found a simple solution to being part of the gathering, without abandoning my plan. I would keep my drink – usually water or tea – directly in front of me, where my dinner plate would normally sit. And when someone would ask “Aren’t you having anything?” my answer was, “Yes! I’m having good conversation with friends!”

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