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Jamie B. Weight Loss Success Story

Jamie's Weight loss story

I have had trouble controlling my weight for most of my adult life. Losing and maintaining weight was extremely difficult and required strenuous workouts and constant dieting.

As I got older it became more and more difficult to keep up with both. I have worked as an electrical contractor for 36 years the last seven of which have been in the office effectively reducing my activity level further. Add to that a complete hip replacement four years ago and it didn’t take long for my weight to reach 290 pounds. I considered a surgical solution but I have known people that gained weight back after having the surgery so I didn’t want to go that route if it could be avoided.

I found out about Dr. Scinta and Medical Weight Loss of New York from a dear friend Sally who had an excellent experience and convinced me to give it a try. Since October 2021 I have lost 65 pounds and feel better than I have in years.

The entire team at MWL are consummate professionals and are completely dedicated to the success and overall health of their patients. This isn’t magic and it requires focus and determination to achieve the goals that you set for yourself with the help of the team at MWL. If you stick to the plan that they establish for you it will work.

I would encourage anyone who wants to be healthier and feel more energized to give MWL a try – you will be very glad you did.

-Jamie B.

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