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Jeff P – 103 lbs Weight Loss

Jeff weight loss testimonial

This month (February 15, 2014) will mark the one-year anniversary of a journey I undertook with the help of Dr. Scinta. It has been a year of tremendous emotion, success and discovery of who I was and who I want to become. Before joining the ‘Medical Weight loss CNY’ family, I always struggled with losing weight. I would lose and gain as part of the vicious cycle most overweight people can relate to. Losing the physical weight through full meal replacements was inevitable, but what really made the difference this time is the knowledge I gained along the way.

The year before I started the program, I committed myself to achieving my weight loss goal; focusing on exercise and diet. I had reached my all-time high weight of 328 lbs, not my proudest moment, but one that I will remember as a reminder of who I never want to be again. Those were the days were I couldn’t even run one lap around the track at the gym [one lap is 1/16 of a mile]. I managed to lose 46 pounds and keep it off for longer than I had with any try before, but I was ready… I was ready for the test, help, and dedication of Dr. Wendy Scinta and her staff that I have and continue to experience.

I started the program through the encouragement of my awesome family, especially my mom, who wanted to help me succeed the most. The months that followed with the full meal replacements were the true test of commitment and as the weight came off I came alive. There were days of struggle and days of affirmation (each week the scale read a smaller number) that made me think about how I was changing. Whenever there is a tough week, or a week where I didn’t lose as much, Doc and her staff were always encouraging and she offers a trick from her bag that she always keep readily available. I will never forget the day (right around the 50 lbs. loss) that Doc called me ‘skinny’ for the first time, something I never imagined hearing in my lifetime, but pushed me further and with a smile.

Now, with my end goal within reach and over 100 lbs behind, I am finally proud to be me. I am still maintaining a partial program to reach the finale, but I am the most active I have ever been and the strongest mentally and physically, too. The days of not being able to make the lap around the track have turned into miles at a time around the track and have turned into 5k’s in the community. Most importantly I have learned how to live a productive, healthy life and take care of me. The absolute testament to this journey is still ahead and I welcome the challenge head on. I am finally the captain of my life and it feels great!

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  1. Lisa

    I am so very proud of you and everything you have accomplished! It only gets better from here. Rock on!

  2. Debbie Allen

    Congratulations on your success!! Isn’t it amazing how much this journey can affect all aspects of our lives?

  3. Molly

    Awesome job! You have worked so hard to get here! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Molly Barreca

    So proud of everything you accomplished!!! This practically made me cry. Keep up the great work. Miss you and love you! You rock 🙂

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