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Jill C’s 52lb Weight Loss

Jill C's Weight Loss Success testimonial

My story begins as I was eating a cheeseburger, driving by the Medical Weight Loss Center. Seriously! It was April 2015. I saw the big sign and wrote down the number, then I shoveled in what remained of the fries in the bottom of the fast food bag. I was at the lowest point I could possibly be. I went home and researched this “Medical Weight Loss Program.” I convinced myself that I would just fail so I stopped there, but I kept driving past this big sign all the time, mostly while chugging my daily meals of coffee loaded with cream and sugar.

I am going to rewind to 2013, when I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. I was told I would need to have my hips replaced within two to five years. I walked out of that office without really giving what the doctor had said another thought. I was young, happy, and active. Why would I need a hip replacement? I ignored what I had heard until the pain set in. I wasn’t prepared for it. I wasn’t prepared to hear it and I wasn’t prepared to comprehend it.

In April 2014, I had surgery on my left hip and femur to delay the hip replacement. By now, the pain was affecting my life. The recovery was even harder and longer than I expected. I was either lying flat or reclined for the better part of six months. When I wasn’t in bed, I was on crutches. I packed on the pounds.

I became a master at having only my head showing in pictures or strategically positioning my kids in front of me. I did everything I could to avoid seeing people because I was so embarrassed of this weight gain.

This is where Dr. Scinta’s program comes in. I woke up one morning and could not bear weight on my left side. I had excruciating pain shooting into my left hip. I was back on crutches, unexpectedly, which is not easy with two toddlers. Back to the surgeon I went. He told me it was probably time to schedule the surgery. He also said something else that got my attention – for every ten pounds you lose, there are thirty pounds of pressure off your hips. A light went on in my head.  I remembered the cheeseburger that I ate, driving past the Medical Weight Loss Center.

The surgery date was set, but in my head, I thought “there is no way I am doing this surgery.” I wanted to run around with my kids, not recover from another surgery.  I wanted to be free from crutches (and the occasional wheelchair).  I made the call to Dr. Scinta that day.

The day of my first appointment, I sat in the parking lot crying. I almost left three times. I was embarrassed to go inside. I was afraid of failure.  I had failed at so many other diets before. I had a surgery deadline to beat and I was just plain sick of feeling unhealthy. I put on my best fake smile and walked in. I was really wanting to crawl into a hole.

I was met by smiling, supportive faces that immediately put me at ease. I was on my way.  I walked in a tight size 12 and in September, walked out a size 2-4.  I feel healthier at forty than I did at thirty. Oh, and that self-esteem thing resolves as soon as you see you can do it and it does work.

I cannot say enough about the staff. I have laughed with them, insisted their scale was broken, cried with them, and hugged them. My husband and the staff pushed me the whole way. I haven’t needed crutches since I lost my first twenty pounds and my surgery was cancelled. I know I will need it in the future, but instead of months away, it is years away.  Success!  Thank you so much Dr. Scinta and staff.

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  1. Sam

    You look stunning! You’ve came a long way and should be proud of yourself. What a huge relief that you no longer needed surgery. Keep up the great work!

  2. Tracy

    It was an extreme honor to be there with you and help you get started on this journey. When you walked in afraid and worried, I knew you would reach your goal. You had such determination ! Stay focused and this will be your forever !

  3. Talia

    Jill this is such an inspirational story. We LOVE to see this transformation. Glad I could be apart of it.

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