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Jim’s 60lb Weight Loss

before and after of weight loss patient, Jim who lost 60 pounds

My name is Jim and I am 64 years old. I went on the full plan in mid-March 2013. In a little over 10 weeks I’ve lost over 60 lbs. I found the plan very easy to do, and I never felt that I missed the food that I normally ate. I was monitored by the staff during this time, to ensure that my overall body functions were not being harmed by the rapid weight loss.

I had taken three blood pressure medications, cholesterol reducing medication, and anti-inflammatory medication, prior to the weight loss program. I have taken none of these medications for the last two months, and my blood pressure is in control, at a normal level. All my blood levels are in the normal range, and my knees, which I took the anti-inflammatory medication for, have less pain with increased walking exercise. I recommend this program to anyone that is interested in improving their health. Dr. Scinta and her staff provided the support and guidance to help me improve my health. I greatly appreciate the care that they gave me.

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  1. Sam

    Jim- Wow, you look great! I can’t believe it was 60lbs. in 10 weeks or so but then again I can. It’s great that you and your wife support each other during this journey. Keep up the wonderful work!!

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