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Karlene’s Testimonial

Karlene, a Medical Weight Loss patient, and her hormone therapy testimonial

I came to Dr. Scinta over five years ago with complaints of fatigue, sluggishness, zero energy, an inability to lose weight, and by far, the lowest libido ever (according to my husband). Feeling rather pathetic and not wanting to admit at age 40 that I was perimenopausal, I swallowed my pride and let her staff work me up for everything you could think of!

It turned out that my testosterone was basically non-existent, contributing to ALL of my symptoms. From there on, I began my very own regimen of HRT contoured to my specific needs. In about two weeks, a shade/cloud literally lifted and I started to feel like I was 30 years old again!

I have been seeing Dr. Scinta ever since and have never been so grateful. My husband cannot thank her enough! Oh yeah, neither can I…..

The younger, more alive,


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