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Schools are finishing up another year and the summer break is coming very soon. We like to use this time of year to remind everybody that summer is a great opportunity for children and adolescents to take some time for themselves and their health. Medical Weight Loss of NY and Dr. Scinta have had great success with a variety of kids and teens utilizing our BOUNCE Program. We love working with them and they are really fun patients. This month we have featured another great kid with a bit of a twist. The testimonial has been written from a Mother’s perspective and hopefully her story will help answer some of your own questions you may have about your own child’s health.

Mom’s Testimonial:

The day I met with the staff at Dr. Scinta’s office, was the first time I finally felt like there was an answer as to what was going on with my daughter, Kate’s health. For years, she had been tested for everything from diabetes to abnormal growth hormone levels. There were never any answers as to why my child was “always starving.” I fed Kate the same way I had always fed her older sister, yet Kate never seemed content. At the recommendation of our pediatrician, we called Dr. Scinta. Dr. Scinta and her staff have given me the answers, and the tools necessary, to make amazing changes for my daughter, not only in Kate’s health, but life as a whole. The nurses are always so positive, and the dieticians have given me so many great ideas for healthy eating that tastes good too! In the past year, she has become a more confident child. Her energy level is amazing. Where it would be a struggle to get moving, Kate now asks me to go out for walks and bike rides. I cannot say enough about this program, it has truly changed our family’s life.

— Kathleen (Kate’s Mom)

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  1. Sam


    Your smile says it all. Congrats to your success and good luck on your continued journey. Stay fab!

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