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Kimberly’s 100lb Weight Loss

Kimberly's 100lb Weight Loss Testimonial

Kimberly started her weight loss program in November of 2006. Just before the Holidays, she started a Full Optifast Program. When most of us were getting ready for Thanksgiving, Kim was cleaning out her cupboards.

In June of 2008 Kim came to the office for her scheduled visit and lost 100 pounds! Today, she continues to lose weight using both Optifast Meal Replacements and regular food. Kim is currently taking masters courses at SU. She says, “I am so glad I came to you guys. I can climb the hills at the campus. Before I came to Dr Scinta I could barely walk!”

Kim’s goals are to continue to lose weight and be able to climb a mountain in the Adirondacks.

Optifast® Full Meal Replacement Program
Kim’s Total Weight Loss: 100 Pounds.

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