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Laurie’s 98 lb Weight Loss

Laurie weight loss testimonial

Where do I begin? Tracy asked me today how many AH-HA moments I have had on this journey and I told her that there have been so many, it is hard to count. My journey started almost a year ago when I went for my yearly physical and was one pound away from the number I said I would never weigh. So I needed to do something. My friend Chris had joined Medical Weight Loss of NY about a year before and had successfully lost 100 pounds. So I thought well maybe I could do that but I was worried about the cost. When I told Chris I was worried about the cost, her response to me was “Really? Don’t you think you are worth it?”

A few weeks later I ran into another friend of mine who had lost weight by doing this detox plan.  So I thought well let’s try that. I was going to start the first of August. It was strictly vegetables and all these pills and powder drinks for a week. I was successful in losing 10 pounds but really couldn’t see myself following this type of plan. Plus I wasn’t completely sure what I was taking. I can remember going out to dinner with my family at our favorite restaurant and having a salad with no dressing. I thought to myself: Can I really do this for a long period of time? So my friend Beckey was impressed with my friend Chris’s success, and she made an appointment to hear what they had to say at Medical Weight Loss of NY. She asked me to go with her. I reluctantly went with her, still thinking that this won’t work. I was thinking like most of the younger generation, I wanted a quick fix!! Weight loss is not a quick fix; it takes time, determination and hard work. Well everything I heard that night made sense but I still wasn’t convinced this was for me. Then Beckey said she was joining and I thought I really should do this and I did.

I was still scared that I was going to fail. So I made a promise to myself to set small goals. My first goal was to get my wedding ring back on. I had it stretched before and swore I wasn’t going to ask the jeweler to stretch it again. After losing about 20 pounds that goal was achieved. Then I wanted to get off the blood pressure medicine….done. I have always wanted to lose enough weight to fit into a Maxi dress. I bought one about 2 weeks ago and wore it. It felt so good to be able to wear something so cute. The one thing that I am so thankful for is how healthy I am now.  Three months after joining Medical Weight Loss of NY, I had knee surgery. The surgery itself went well, but exactly one week later I was brought to the hospital with a blood clot in my lung.  I was short of breath, but before losing 50 pounds, I was always short of breath. I may not have paid attention to the signs or had even felt them had I been heavier. I am so grateful to be here.   The doctor told me that if I had gone to bed and not gone to the hospital that night, I would not have awakened in the morning, Christmas morning no less. I am also a breast cancer survivor and never realized that being overweight was a risk to the cancer returning. Again I can’t thank my friends and family enough for all the support they have given me.

My husband and I have had a good relationship but now we have a great relationship. I also remember when I started this he said: “Make sure you are doing this for you and not for me.” I know now I did it for me. I have so much more confidence in myself. I have said that it has been hard but really not as hard as I thought. I also can’t thank the staff at Medical Weight Loss of NY enough. Their support and encouragement has meant the world to me. Even on weigh-ins that I didn’t do so well they were there with kind words and support, which made me more determined to make them proud of me on my next weigh-in. As I write this, I am 2 pounds away from losing 100 pounds!

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  1. Monica

    Awesome Laurie….you are aspiring me to get my butt back to MWLONY.

  2. Lindsey


  3. Sam

    Laurie- you have came a long way, you should be extremely proud of yourself. It’s so good to know you have so much support because it’s always needed. Keep up the great work!

  4. Tracy

    Laurie, It’s all about you and the AH HA moments. Love you to pieces.

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