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Lee and Dave – 115lb. Weight Loss

Lee and Dave - 115lb. Weight Loss

Lee and Dave after their 115lb Weight Loss

I wish that I could say I started the Optifast program for health reasons, but I would be lying. I did have breast cancer and obesity does make one more susceptible to a reoccurrence of that disease, but that wasn’t my reason. My real reason was vanity.  I was tired of looking matronly and tired of not being able to sit on the floor with my grandchildren comfortably. I was very overweight and I was embarking on a new chapter of my life, retirement, and I wanted to hit the ground running for that.

So, when my husband’s heart doctor insisted that he get the weight off “NOW”, I thought why not make it easy on both of us and do it together.  We joined together and we lost together, though not at the same rate.  He lost fast (it’s a man thing:) );  I lost much slower, which  I can honestly say allowed me the time I needed to embrace the new lifestyle I must live within to maintain my weight. I recently vacationed for 14 days, and did not gain any weight. That was a first for me.  I am so excited. I did not exercise during my weight loss phase. Now I am on maintenance and I will begin once again to exercise. I concentrated on learning how to recognize hunger, how to manage it and how to squelch it.  David, as I said was ordered to get the weight off, and when he went back to the heart doctor, the doctor was so amazed, he left Dave on the exam table and went to call Dr.Scinta and applaud her and the program.  He is very pleased.

These days, we eat differently, we eat less, and we are much happier at these sizes than we ever have been in our lives.  We are committed to stay “normal” and we do this by weighing in daily, reporting to each other and adjusting our food intake based on the scale’s numbers.  We report monthly to Dr. Scinta and continue to use Optifast.  So far, so good… 10 months and counting!

PS- Dave was able for the first time in his life to buy this suit right off the rack, no specialty store, no tailoring, just buy and wear.What a phenomenal event in his life.

Lee – Beginning weight 213 lbs. Ending weight 157 lbs. Loss of 56 lbs.

David – Beginning weight 272.5 lbs.Ending weight 214.0 lbs. Loss of 58.5 lbs.

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