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Linda’s 81lb Weight Loss

before and after of weight loss patient, Linda

Hello, my name is Linda. I’m 60 healthy years of age now thanks to Dr. Wendy Scinta and her wonderful staff. I hit the “turning point in my life” in the Spring of 2007. I’ve been overweight since my 40’s and the weight kept creeping up, until I hit well over 250 lbs. I always believed that I carried the excess weight well, always looking good, and being healthy. But I had a life altering experience when I fractured my lower leg, and had to be non-weight bearing with a cast up to my knee for 6 long weeks. The excess weight and being non-weight bearing put a whole new perspective on my life. I knew I had to get this weight off, and under control once I was recovered from the fracture.

It was December 2007 that I saw News Channel 9 WSYR and the spot they did on Medical Weight Loss of NY and Dr. Scinta. I knew I wanted to find out more information. I called Jennifer, and set up an appointment to attend one of the free informational meetings. As I sat through the meeting, I knew I was going to do it, no matter the cost, as I’ve tried several other weight loss programs in my life only to lose 25-30 pounds at the most, and never keeping it off. I set up my next appointment to have the labs, and finally my appointment with Dr. Scinta. I can’t say enough positive things about this whole process.

I started the Full Program in Feb. 2008, I continued with the full for 13-14 weeks, and I lost 45 pounds, my weight then went to a 60 pound loss by July 2008. I felt great, so I started to walk, no more knee pain from the weight. I transitioned to the Partial and eventually back to a 1200 calorie diet.  I had lost 80 pounds by summer of 2009. As the old saying goes” you didn’t put the weight on overnight, so the same goes for the taking it off.”

This program is the best I’ve ever done, it treats the complete person, by incorporating the group meetings into the plan. My goal now, is to get my BMI (body mass index) in a normal range. So I’m working on that 100 total pound weight loss with Dr. Scinta’s help. Thank you so much to everyone in the office, you are all truly wonderful. I feel so great! I can’t believe how much better I feel. My life has been blessed. So here goes – next time it’ll be 100 pounds.


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