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Marianne’s Testimonial

Marianne Lipotropic injections testimonial

I began my Lipotropic Injections in the Fall of 2019.  At the time I had chronic fatigue, poor sleep quality, brain fog, and daily cravings for foods I should not eat. At that time I had felt poorly for about eight months due to a bad case of mono.

After my first week of Lipotropic injections I began to have better quality of sleep. I was sleeping through the night and waking up feeling refreshed for the first time in years. After my second week of Lipotropic Injections I noticed less cravings for snacking foods and could stay on track with healthy eating habits. At week 4 I really started to feel the long term effects. I had energy, could concentrate for longer periods throughout the day, and was feeling like myself again.

I have continued with weekly injections, and continue to feel the benefits.  I have lost a total of 7 pounds of fat and am continuing to become the healthiest version of myself.  I thank Dr. Wendy Scinta and the team at Medical Weight Loss of CNY for continuing to provide me the most current research tools and exceptional care to reach my weight loss goals.

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