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Marie’s 103lb Weight Loss

before and after photo of weight loss patient, Marie, who lost 103 pounds

Like many people, I have struggled with weight most of my life, and have been on diets with varying degrees of success only to gain everything back. A couple of years back, after some years with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and other serious health issues, I had to do something. Although I’d lost some weight on my own with family support, I knew had to lose a lot more to be healthy, and to learn healthier habits as well.

When my sister-in-law suggested Medical Weight Loss of New York after her own success there, I decided to try it. I was still over 300 pounds when I first went to Dr. Scinta, and she later told me she was afraid I might have a stroke right in her office on that first visit! It has taken some time to lose the weight, and it has not always been easy to break old habits and adopt healthier ways. However, the effort has been worth it, and “Doc” and her staff have been great with their support and encouragement!

When I was first Dr. Scinta’s patient, I needed two medications for diabetes control, and two others for hypertension. I am happy to say that I no longer need diabetes medication, and I am down to one blood pressure medication. Also, I have the energy to go out and walk most days for exercise. I used to hate to walk more than a few steps, but now a half-hour walk, or climbing up a lot of stairs, is nothing for me! The size 30/32W or 5X clothing I used to wear is now a thing of the past as well. Some people think I had weight-loss surgery, but when I tell them that it was non-surgical, they’re quite surprised!

Although I decided to lose weight for health reasons, friends and colleagues notice my changed appearance all the time. When I interviewed a well-known painter and art professor for my radio job, he kept looking at me, and the next time I ran into him, he asked to paint me! Of course, I said yes, and the result was a striking portrait.

Dr. Scinta said, “Marie, I have had people tell me of many great things that have happened when they lose weight, but this is a first!” My painter friend had lost his mother to diabetes-related heart disease, so he was glad to lend his friendly support to my efforts, too. When I saw him again a few months after he finished my portrait, he was glad to see that I had lost even more weight. He said, “I am so glad you decided to do this! You have so much going for you, and I’d hate to see you have a stroke or a heart attack, or lose a leg or something. Congratulations!” I still have a bit more to lose, but I am within sight of my goal, and I am grateful to Dr. Scinta, her wonderful staff, and my family and friends for all of their support!

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  1. samModerator

    Marie- The portrait of you was phenomenal! These last couple years you have continued to thrive with your weight loss. You pushed through obstacles and proved to everyone and most importantly yourself that you could do it! Keep on the same path and you will reach your goal weight. Great job!

  2. Deb Allen

    Congratulations on getting healthier! You are looking great.

  3. Marie Lamb

    An update; as of today, I am now under 200 pounds for the first time in around 30 years! The artist friend I mentioned in the blog posting saw me not long ago, and said, “Oh, gosh, you’ve lost even more weight! Good for you…you’re showing some serious Rita Hayworth possibilities!” 😉 I’ll take it! As always, thanks to Dr. Scinta, the team, and to my family, friends and colleagues for all your support!

  4. samModerator

    Your welcome Marie! You are more than deserving of that! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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