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Mary Jo and Richard’s Weight Loss Success

before and after of weight loss patients, Mary Jo and Richard

This testimonial is being presented with the most heartfelt appreciation for Dr. Scinta and her team of professionals dedicated to helping individuals like my husband and myself achieve our goal of improved health through medical weight loss.

Our story starts off very similar to many others. Through the years we have gained and lost weight on several programs, but our ability to manage the loss was short lived.

In the summer of 2014 Rick broke his leg and his active lifestyle came to a sudden halt. Being in a cast and not able to be independent was difficult enough, but the weight gain that went along with it added to the overall impact on his physical limitations.

I had recently retired so being home was a blessing during this time; however my goal of losing weight and adding a walking plan to my schedule never happened. I had known for several years that my family history of high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease was something that I needed to correct, but it seemed that every year weight loss became more difficult.

So by the fall, Rick and I came to a cross road. If we did not take drastic and corrective action to lose the weight, we would struggle into our older years with serious limitations. We knew of Dr. Scinta’s program and the success that other individuals achieved but more important to us was the medical oversight. We needed to learn how to lose weight based on our medical requirements. Since my blood profile was so bad, I was a perfect example of someone who needed a specifically designed weight loss program. We needed to do this for our health and for our family.

The journey officially began in November 2014. We followed our plan and our motivation never faltered. Our health and wellness was a priority and our children and grandchildren were overjoyed and supportive. Our wonderful family dinners still continued with some modification and limitation. The salads got bigger and the desserts looked more like fruits. The grandchildren are now reading nutrition labeling and joining our fitness walks.

As we move into the sunshine of a new summer, Rick and I have both reached our health and weight loss goals. I am no longer taking medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol and I am no longer pre-diabetic. We understand so much more about how the weight affects one’s quality of life and level of energy.

I am thankful that we made the investment in our health when we did and I know that we will continue to stay connected to Dr. Scinta and her team.

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  1. samModerator

    You guys look so happy and radiant, it’s wonderful. You should be so very proud of your success. You inspire so many people I’m sure. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  2. Lorri

    Great job! What an inspiration you both are! Keep up the good work!

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