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Mary Lou’s Testimonial

Mary Lou Testimonial on hormones for women

The decision to add bioidentical hormone replacement to my weight loss maintenance plan has been nothing short of life-changing.  After menopause, I had gotten used to the “new normal” of poor sleep, foggy brain, low energy and low libido.  I consulted with Dr. Scinta and her staff to understand what benefits I might expect, and was thrilled that within two weeks of my first insertion, all of those symptoms disappeared.  Beyond that, since receiving the hormone replacement, I can workout longer and harder.  I am building muscle and losing fat without making any changes to my regular routine.  I feel more like 26 than 62.  It is as if the aging process has completely reversed!  Dr. Scinta and her staff and wonderful, supportive collaborators as I work to maintain my best health.  It is a joy being a patient in this practice!

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