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Michael Maintenance Success

Mike Maintenance SuccessMost days it is difficult for me to believe that two years have past since I first went to an informational meeting with Doctor Scinta and the wonderful staff at Medical Weight Loss of NY, but it has been that long. During that first session Doc challenged me about losing weight. Losing weight was something that I had done on several different occasions during my adult life, but was never able to keep it off for any period of time. Mostly because when I got down to a desired weight I just would go back to the same old bad habits.

The challenge really was not being able to lose the weight I wanted too.  I knew that I could stay on a diet and lose weight if I put my mind to it, but would I keep it off if I stayed on the diet that’s the real challenge. Well I lost over 100 pounds over the first year and over the second year I am still down between 100 to 110 pounds. Everyday is a new day and thanks to the Clinic and my little friend Doctor Scinta I can honestly say the diet works, maintenance works, and you can get your life back if you want it back no matter how old or young you may be. Nothing thrills me more than to go into my closet and take out a pair of pants size 38 waist, or put on a shirt that has no numbers in front of the X. Trust me it has been many years since that has been the case.  Presently I am in better shape that when I graduated from High School many years ago.

Keeping the weight off is not an easy task and one must work on it everyday.  Since going this diet and losing the weight I am now able to workout 7 days a week, walking everyday at least 3 miles, and lifting weights 5 days a week.  After doing this I still have energy to do other tasks and chores that I never would have been able to do two years ago.

As I wrote about a year ago the best thing about the diet was actually coming to the clinic and meeting the people there.  Jen A., and Jen T have been there since the beginning and are just very close to my heart. Sam and Elsa your smiling faces make everyone feel great and Phyllis you pump everyone up.  There is no one who can top the number one person, my little friend “The Doc” she has a dedication and mission to help people lose weight safely and keep it off too.

Michael – 100lb. Weight Loss

Michael's weight loss testimonial before and after photos

How I was Scintized

Early in December of 2007 while watching the Channel 9 News at 11:00 I saw a short spot on the Weight Loss Clinic of Central New York, and a Doctor Wendy Scinta.  The next day I called the office in Manlius and made an appointment to attend a seminar on the Diet Plan.   On December 15, 2007 I attended the seminar met Jennifer I, Jennifer II,  Dan and Doctor Scinta thus began my journey to weight loss and being a 100 pounds thinner today.

On February 9, 2008 I started on the full liquid diet and remained on this until April at this time I am still on partial liquid and still losing weight.  This has been a very rewarding experience for me as well as bringing about a drastic change in my medical condition and my diabetes.  The medications that I now take are far less than prior to the diet and my clothing sizes have gone from 4XLs to XL.  In fact I am very close to my high school weight and smaller than I have been since 1972.

I would be remiss if I didn’t promote the wonderful staff and assistance I have had since my first visit to the office.  Jennifer, our great office manager, JT the great nurse, Dan at the reception desk, and all his replacements have always been supportive and helpful.   Most of all allow me to say Thank You, Doctor Wendy Scinta you gave me back some self esteem, better health, but importantly I have the privilege of calling you my friend not just my doctor.

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Michael’s Total Weight Loss: 100 Pounds.


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    Thanks for the mainenance success story. Keep up the good work.

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