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Monroe – 60lb. weight loss

Monroe weight loss testimonial

My primary care physician recommended I go to see Dr. Scinta and Medical Weight Loss of Central New York, as I was obese and had many illnesses associated with being obese.  I went and I must say it was probably one of the best decisions I have made in more than 50 years of being overweight.

This is not your typical “eat less, exercise more” programs so often the thing we are told to do by our physicians.  Now that I have been going to Medical Weight Loss for more than a year and, having lost 60 or so pounds effortlessly, I know that Dr. Scinta knows more about weight loss than all of the other doctors I have seen in my many years of being obese.  There are different types of programs you can participate in, based upon your own situation and what you want.  You can choose  a 100% OPTIFAST program, for quick weight loss, a partial OPTIFAST and part normal foods program or, as I chose, 100% real food.

Dr. Scinta and the staff at Medical Weight Loss are great at coaching and keeping you on track.  It’s always a positive visit…no yelling and blaming you for not doing a good job.  More than just the weight loss I have achieved is the knowledge that I have gained for maintaining a healthy diet so I can continue to eat and live healthy for the rest of my life.

In summary, it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s informative and, most importantly, it works.  I highly recommend Medical Weight Loss for any person who needs to or wants to lose weight and learn how to eat healthy… at home, in a restaurant, during holidays and when traveling.

Trim and Tone Program using 100% real food

Now in maintenance program

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