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Nancy’s Weight Loss Success

Nancy's weight loss testimonial

I came to Dr. Scinta’s informational meeting in July 2010. I was at my heaviest and had tried every diet out there in one shape or another. I really did believe that fat is what was meant for me. I learned of Dr. Scinta from my father who was speaking to one of Doc’s successes. He gave me a call and said I should really give this a try. I am so glad and thankful for that call. I have learned more about myself in the past year and a half than one needs to know. I went on the full meal replacement for 20 weeks and had great success. I added swimming to my routine and came to a great appreciation for exercise, something that I never thought would happen. I have stayed on a partial meal replacement plan for the past year. The remaining weight loss that I want is taking longer this way but I have learned good eating habits and healthy ones.

I cannot express how much Dr. Scinta and her staff, Sam, Tracy, Jen, Sheila and Kulaa are the most supportive and positive people I have met. I have never had anything but a kind word or happy thought at any time that I have been at the office. I look, feel and move so much better. I am in the best shape of my adult life and I owe that to this staff and program, and a phone call from dad.

Thank you Medical Weight Loss of NY!


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  1. Sam

    WOW Nancy, amazing! We are all very proud of you at MWL! We will continue to be here every step of your journey. -Sam

  2. Tracy

    Nancy, You are amazing and as beautiful today as you were the first day you started your journey. You came to MWL with the hope and determination that has helped you get to where you are today. To be apart of this journey with you has been and still is an absolute honor and privilege. Your positive attitude, as well your loyalty to yourself has reflected on the other men and women who are looking to find themselves with better health and quality of life.
    I look forward to seeing you soon and celebrating the next milestone as you reach it. ALWAYS BELIEVE and NEVER GIVE UP!!
    Much Love , Tracy

  3. MaryEllen Williams

    Nancy, you were one of the first people I saw when I started my journey with Dr. Scinta and the medical weight loss crew. You were also very positive and always seemed to be moving downward(on the scale. Very inspirational. Thanks and continued success. MaryEllen

  4. Jan

    Nancy, I enjoyed our conversations in group (before and after too); and to see you like this is so heartwarming! Congratulations – you have come so far – you look like a new person. But what really impresses me is your perserverence. Way to go!!

    ~ Jan

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