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Nate’s Testimonial

Nate's hormone testimonial

My name is Nate and I have been doing BHRT for 18 months now. I have always been into health and wellness and I have tried every single thing under the sun to give myself that little extra edge in the gym and in life. My job is very physical, my hobbies are all physical, and I generally lead an extremely active lifestyle.

Once I got into my mid-30s, I started to notice a dramatic shift in my energy level and mood. I noticed that my body was getting a little softer in spite of always hitting it hard at the gym. It came on slowly at first, but once I got into my late-30s, I felt horrible all the time. Exhausted from sun up to sun down, I went to doctor after doctor and they kept telling me that I was fine and I just needed to slow down. For three full years I felt hopeless.

 I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and I was put on a CPAP machine. Then a friend told me about BHRT and Dr. Scinta. I immediately set up a consultation and found out that my testosterone levels were only 270! As an active fit man in my late-30s, this was astonishing to me. I am someone who eats healthy and works hard. I have competed in 2 bodybuilding shows and multiple other athletic competitions.

After my first treatment, I was expecting some type of placebo effect and then figured I wouldn’t really notice the difference. I can honestly say, at 40 and 41 years old, I have never felt better in my entire life. My mood, my energy, my sex drive, and my appetite for life are all like they were in my early-20s. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. I cannot recommend BHRT enough, I tell every single person I know about it.

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