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Pam R’s 75lb Weight Loss

before and after of weight loss patient, Pam, 75 pounds of weight loss

I have been heavy for as long as I can remember and have spent many years with my weight going up and down like a yo-yo…lose 50 pounds, gain 75 pounds etc. I had grown weary of the struggle and finally decided that I needed to find someone who understood obesity and what was “wrong” with me and who could give me the tools to take the weight off and keep it off for good. In addition I wanted to find someone that could help my severely diabetic husband join me in the weight loss battle and still be well taken care of medically. I found what I was looking for at Medical Weight Loss of Central New York.

Dr. Scinta and her staff are well educated in obesity, they understand what makes you fat and what to do to fix it. They educate you about what you should be eating or replacing your meals with and then become your cheerleaders, helping you at every step along the way. My husband and I both started our journey on the full meal replacement program and have recently switched to the partial plan. The staff has been helpful and encouraging and if we’ve failed or wavered they have been there to tell us to put failure behind and just get right back on the program. I have lost 75 + pound and am about 25 pounds from my goal weight. My husband is doing just as well and is on half the medications he was on when we started. I know that everyone at Medical Weight Loss of Central New York will be there to encourage me not only to get to my goal, but to maintain the weight once it is all gone. They will not abandon me but support me whenever I need to check in and make sure I am still on track. I know with their help this time the weight will be gone for good.

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  1. samModerator

    Pam you look amazing!It’s great that you and your husband have each other to lean on during your weight loss journey and of course you have us to lean on as well. Keep up the great progress!

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