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Pat – 75lb. Weight Loss

Pat's weight loss testimonial before and after photos

Have you ever been referred to as ‘morbidly’ obese? Or told by a doctor that if you don’t lose weight, you’ll be taking insulin shots in a year?  Or bought every diet book that comes along, only to fail dismally after trying the program for 2 weeks or 2 days?  How about being told your cholesterol readings are getting worse and 6 months later you also develop high blood pressure?  Do you know what it’s like to find it impossible to bend over and tie a shoe?  Or get out of breath after climbing a set of stairs?

Less than a year ago, I could answer yes to all these questions and was ready to give up on myself.  Fortunately, I made one last attempt to lose weight by attending an information session at Dr. Scinta’s office.  Her enthusiasm, empathy, and positive attitude were the triggers that started me on a new way of eating and living!

Using the full Optifast program for 14 weeks, I lost 30 pounds, reversed my medical conditions, stopped taking the related medications and felt better than I had in years. Once I started eating ‘real’ food again, the nutritionists were terrific in providing a daily meal plan that fit my food preferences and lifestyle. More importantly, they offered support, education and positive reinforcement.

The weekly group sessions were invaluable for their motivation, information, personal sharing and program tips. The group sessions that focused on the benefits of exercise were particularly useful in helping me overcome my dread of ‘the gym’.  After losing 50 pounds, I joined a local gym, attended water aerobic classes, and hired a trainer. I have now lost 75 pounds and my dress size has been cut in half, from 24 to 12.

Thanks to Dr. Scinta and her team, I have completely changed my eating habits, lifestyle, health, and wardrobe! And with their continued support, I’m confident I can make these changes permanent.

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