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Patty G. 75 Pound Weight Loss

Patty G weight loss

“How a Zoom meeting led me to a 75-pound weight loss journey”

With the onset of telecommuting, I have been involved in many Zoom/WebEx meetings. This is when it hit me – seeing myself on the screen and thinking, “Do I really look like that?” “How can that be me?” Well, pictures don’t lie, and I felt there was no better time than the present to gain control of myself and start doing something about it. At my age and being that I am young at heart, I still have so much more in life to enjoy and look forward to.

Medical Weight Loss was introduced to me through a friend. Not long after our discussion, I decided to look into it. After I made the initial phone call to receive further information, I decided to proceed and have never looked back. Many people asked how I could even think about starting a weight loss program at the time I did – the holidays were approaching, COVID was upon us, etc. There are always excuses not to do something, but I felt the need to start immediately. I was determined and ready. My self-confidence was virtually non-existent, I was totally exhausted all the time, and I was desperate to feel healthy and gain confidence.

All of the staff have been pleasant, friendly, and welcoming from the moment I walked through the door for my first appointment which is when I met with the Martha, the nutritionist. I always feel at ease during my visits. At the initial consultation, I appreciated the fact that a weight loss program was planned around my body type and needs, which was specifically tailored for me (not necessarily what works for others), and that other factors are taken into account to come up with the right plan – BMI, fat percentage, and muscle percentage.

I have been following the partial program since December 2020, and it still continues to work for me. My own initial goal was to lose 50 pounds in a year. I’m happy and proud to say that I’ve lost 75 pounds in that year!! To some, 2021 was a bad year because of the pandemic, however, 2021 was great for me and brought with it a new lease on life.

Dr. Scinta is always ready to help me through anything and very easy to talk with. The best way to describe my experience has been life-changing in more ways than one and accomplishing weight loss in a safe manner and in the best interest of my body. For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with my weight (thanks to genetics!) and tried diet plans and of course some “gimmicks” with little to no results. My weight yoyoed up and down – lose some, gain some, repeat… Many years ago, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which is now under control with medication and lab work monitoring, however, I convinced myself this was why I couldn’t lose weight, due to my thyroid being underactive and not functioning properly.

Prior to following this program, I used to skip breakfast and lunch, and by the time evening arrived I was starving and would snack on anything and everything while cooking dinner, before sitting down to eat. I have now become very aware of what I’m eating, and I always look for fat and sugar content on food labels. I’ve learned that many foods marked “lite” and “diet” have so much hidden sugar and fat in them. I have also become more conscious of the difference between actual hunger versus boredom. I avoided having pictures taken of myself, and it was difficult for me to get ready to go anywhere without first trying on many outfits, and still not feeling confident with the final choice.

Having the shakes and protein bars as meal and snack supplements throughout the day instead of not eating at all taught me that consuming food throughout the day helps to lose weight, as well as provide energy and keep my metabolism going. The meal supplements taste good and are easy replacements for meals – actually very easy since I had been skipping both breakfast and lunch. Having dinner together has always been important to our family, which is why I decided to follow the partial plan and allows me to eat the meal that others are eating. My dinner plate is colorful with a variety of vegetables and protein. I don’t feel like I “gave up” a lot of foods doing the partial plan, except for those laden with fat and carbs. The shakes and bars have been great as far as fulfilling any “sweet” cravings.

My body now knows it’s going to be fed regularly and I no longer have the hunger pangs, dizziness, hunger headaches, etc. Before starting the program, I truly believe my body was storing whatever I ate since it didn’t know when it was going to be fed again (comparing it to a car running on empty). One of my goals was to have more energy and enjoy retirement when the time comes.

My physical activity has increased, and it feels great to do things without getting tired so easily. My job is sedentary, basically sitting in front of three computer screens for work all day, so I started using a Fitbit to monitor my steps and to remind myself to get up every 30 minutes. The elliptical machine at home is now getting use, not just standing in the corner, and I love walking, kayaking, and camping more now than ever. I work at Upstate Medical University and am a member of their wellness program which offers tips for success, reminders to take time for myself, join challenges with other employees, etc. This has also been a wonderful incentive.

Throughout my weight-loss journey, Dr. Scinta has monitored my bloodwork and total body well-being. Not only have I been guided by her and the staff, but the knowledge that I have gained has allowed me to learn more about my body and what I need to do to achieve a healthy weight. All of my lab work numbers have changed drastically for the better. I no longer have some of the potential health issues which were previously noted before I started the program. I’ve been called “skinny” which is a word I never would have dreamed of describing me (and actually still don’t, but I’ve learned to put it in perspective). When looking at photos, I can’t believe the difference I see. I hardly even look like the same person, and this is something that keeps me motivated. I keep a weight loss file on my phone with photos taken throughout this weight loss journey, and I refer to them if temptation strikes. It also helps tremendously to have the support of my husband, son and close friends.

This program has been great for my overall health and fitness. It allows me the opportunity to do what works for me, and I’ve learned how to get through all of the life events that are surrounded by food, drink and temptations. I am now concentrating on visiting with the people at parties and events, instead of focusing on the food. I’ve also learned that planning ahead is very important, especially when you don’t know what foods are being served ahead of time. Making the right choices is key. Drinking 64 ounces of water was one of the hardest things for me, however, it makes a difference during the weight loss process, and also keeps my body hydrated without retaining fluid. I must admit there are times that I still struggle drinking all of this! My hair and skin appear much healthier, and I no longer have knee or back pain.

I have learned to like the person looking back at me in the mirror. My self-confidence has returned, and I no longer have trouble when choosing what to wear. Clothes shopping used to be more of a chore for me than something to look forward to, always wondering if I could find something age appropriate that would fit. However, when buying new clothes now it is an experience to look forward to. It feels great to go shopping, take several items into the fitting room, and have choices to make when everything fits! My decision is no longer just about buying what fits. I have paid it forward and donated clothes that have gotten too big; I don’t want them lingering around. My plan is to continue with this healthy lifestyle, and to continue to lose another 20-25 pounds.

Thanks to Dr. Scinta and her team, not only am I losing the weight, but more importantly I’m getting my life back!! It’s wonderful that I found someone who listened to me and heard what I was saying without judgment. After losing 75 pounds, I can’t thank everyone enough for their caring ways and the happiness shown for my accomplishment. They have provided me with the knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle which has certainly made me a happier person. I have always been a smiley person, although it’s “different” now. I feel such a sense of newfound freedom, which has provided me the opportunity to do so much more throughout my life journey.

– Patty G.

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