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Penny’s 52lb Weight Loss

before and after of weight loss patient, Penny, who lost 52 pounds

My weight loss story began in February of 2015. I had been having a lot of problems with my foot, knee and hip on my right side. I had been to all kinds of doctors and also went to two physical therapist with no pain relief. I also suffered from depression and the medicine I took caused me to gain more weight. I thought I was hopeless. I was in a bad place. I had tried numerous other weight loss plans lost a few pounds but never was able to follow through with them. I went to my massage therapist and was surprised when I saw her. It had been months since I had seen her she had lost more than thirty pounds. She told me that she had gone to Dr. Scinta. I asked if I could have her number as I thought losing weight might help with my pain. I started my weight loss journey on March 3rd, 2015. I weighed 216.8 lbs. and was a size 16-18 and a 2 extra-large.

I was so surprised at how nice everyone at Dr. Scinta’s office was, and how supportive and nice they were at every visit. The plan worked so well with my busy life style. I was so happy when friends and family members were surprised at my weight loss and wanted to know how I did it. I have lost 52 lbs. I am a size 10 now and a medium. My cholesterol numbers are all in good ranges. I have a healthy BMI. I finally like the way I look. I no longer have to shop in the plus size dept.

My husband was very supportive, he bought a pound of butter for every pound of fat that I lost and he would take my picture. The tray that he put it was so heavy that I could hardly lift it. He would say, you used to carry this around. I really feel so lucky that I was able to change my life.

I am able to keep up with my grandkids and enjoy life again with my family. I enjoy shopping again, I can wear things I never thought I could again. I wore a dress for Easter for the first time in years. I also want to say that working with Dr. Scinta, Heidi and Martha has been a pleasure. All of the Jen’s  and the other girls that weigh you in are great too. Always making you feel like you can do this and keep going to get to your goal. I was able to have a few family members join and have great results also. So if you think that there is no way you can do it, you really can. I have been blessed to be able to do this and get my life back. You can do it too, just pick up the phone and take the first step in changing your life.

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  1. Dr wendy

    Way to go Penny! That picture doesn’t do you justice. You look (and are) amazing!

  2. Connie

    Way to go Penny. You look amazing and we’re a huge part of my getting healthier to. Congratulations to you and thanks for being an inpiration. Love, Connie.

  3. Sam

    Penny- That was a neat idea that your husband had with the butter. It gives you a different perspective on things. It’s great to hear how your weight loss has affected you in so many ways. You are an inspiration to many!

  4. J4

    You look amazing! So glad I could be part of your success! You are an inspiration to many! <3

  5. Barb. Ortman

    You look great, I am thrilled to be in this amazing program and also joined for health reason my feet hurt so much i could hardly get out of bed and my legs had shooting pains. I also have been to alot if Doctors and tried many weight loss programs. I have seen immediate results and I. 6 weeks have lost 12 pounds. I have a ways to go I already feel better. Thank you all.

  6. Carmen

    You look great and I have some weight to lose and I have all ready lost 50 pounds but Ive been stuck at the same weight for a couple months now so I have to figure out what else to do next to get past this plateau. My question is how much is this program?

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