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Rich’s 221 lb Weight Loss

Rich's weight loss testimonial before and after photos

Welcome to my wonderful world of weight loss. My battle began decades ago when I was a scrawny seven year old and had a tonsillectomy. Right afterwards the weight started piling on, year after year. Matters weren’t helped any by having a sedentary job (at a commercial bakery, no less) and spending a fortune at fast food restaurants (their stock price probably went up every time I stopped by for a meal).

About ten years ago I went on a diet and lost 126 pounds but gained back 76 of it. Last year I saw an item in the local Pennysaver about Dr. Scinta’s program and decided then and there to lose weight. Before starting the program Dr. Scinta did a blood work on me and discovered I had Type 2 Diabetes, plus I already knew about my high blood pressure and was on two different meds for that. Dr. Scinta decided the Optifast High Protein Full Program was what I should follow and I stayed on it for over six months, starting on August 7, 2010. Group counseling sessions are part of the program which allows the sharing of stories, concerns and successes.

At the conclusion of the Optifast Program I transitioned to regular food and am now continuing to lose weight while consuming 1200 calories a day, and recording the calories and protein intake in a journal. Also, I am using hand weights, exercise bands and have joined a wellness program at Mary Lou Corcoran Physical Therapy which involves exercising in their indoor heated pool twice a week.

On my one year weight loss anniversary I had shed 192 pounds! As of November 3rd I have lost 221 pounds and have gone from a waist size of 66 inches to 48 inches and my shirt size has gone from a 6X to a 2X. Oh, and the Diabetes?…gone. High Blood Pressure?…It’s now normal, no blood pressure pills needed. My energy level, which was barely measurable, has improved quite a bit.

Many thanks to Dr. Scinta and everyone on her staff for their valued help, care and concern for my ongoing weight loss journey.

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  1. Nancy Ring

    Congratulations! I was in your counseling group and remember you well. You’ve done a great job and look wonderful!

  2. Sam


    You are so inspiring too many people. You look like a completely different person and your personality has been continuing to flourish. Keep up the hardwork, you have come so far!

  3. Jan

    I was in your group too and remember you well – You have done a terrific job!! You look great and it’s so nice to hear how much healthier you are! The rewards for all your hard work are well worth it! Keep it up – you are an inspiration to so many of us!


  4. Peggy

    How did you do it??? Girl from AL

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