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Rod’s 92 lb Weight Loss

Rod's weight loss testimonial before and after photos

Rod has lost a total of 92 lbs at his visit today on a partial meal plan. He started his plan in November 2009. Next month we will recalibrate Rod for his 100lb visit. He has about 65 lbs to go until he reaches his goal.

My name is Rod and I have achieved half of my weight goal.  After a significant injury that took eight years of medical management to get the injury under control, in which time I saw my weight slowly increase.  I was unable to exercise, walk without a cane, walk any significant distance, in a significant amount of pain, diagnosed with an enlarged heart in October of 2009, elevated cholesterol, short of breath with any type activity, and obstructive sleep apnea with a CPAP rate of 14.

I started my weight loss program with Dr. Scinta and Medical Weight Loss of NY in November just before Thanksgiving.  During this short time of less than 6 months I have gone through several changes with removing the extra weight.

I am now able to exercise routinely, including walking around the block which is 2.5 miles; without a cane, without being short of breath.  The pain in the back has decreased without the extra pull of the weight that was in my stomach.  I recently had a follow up cardiology appointment learning that my heart has gone down to normal size.  The cholesterol is on the way down, awaiting follow up blood work to possibly come off cholesterol medicine altogether.  The obstructive sleep apnea has improved significantly with a CPAP of 4.  Finally to know that I have significantly lost the weight as there has been big changes in my clothes.  My shirt size started at 3X tall, now an XL tall.  My pants were 46×32 and now are 38×34.  I am 6’3” tall and with the weight on I wasn’t standing up to my full height therefore the shorter pants along with the fact I was putting them under the stomach instead of wearing them on the waist.  I no longer carry the weight of my 13 year old child on me every day.

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  1. kathy cook

    Great Job Rodney!!! We are so happy for you. ///////////////////////////////////ed & Kathy

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