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Ronnie’s 56 lb Weight Loss

Ronnie's weight loss testimonial before and after photos

There is an old jazz standard that features the lyrics “what a difference a day makes”. While that is true, I am living proof of what a difference a few months make!

My life has been changed for the better in so many ways thanks to the efforts of Dr. Scinta and her caring staff. My journey to a more healthy life began one evening when I experienced heart palpitations.

Thankfully the heart palpitations were a one-time occurrence, but I was referred to a cardiologist. The Dr. wanted to get a better look at my heart so he authorized a CAT scan to be performed on a closed CAT scan.

I was turned away the day of the scan because I was “too wide” to fit into the machine. I could not believe it although all the clues were there for me to see. My weight had ballooned to 320 lbs., my pants size was 50 and rising and shirts were 3x and 4x, but I had convinced myself that not only did I look good, I felt good. I felt good despite the fact I was taking insulin for diabetes, medicine for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and none of those issues were getting better. My medication doses increased but I was not improving. I attributed it to getting older, after all I was 58. The cardiologist advised me that my heart was beginning to show wear from my high calorie couch potato lifestyle and suggested I should seek help from Dr. Scinta as some of his other patients were very successful in changing their lives. I was skeptical as I have tried everything under the sun in the past with no long term benefit. I made the appointment in March of 2012 and began the full meal replacement plan. It did not take long for me to start noticing the weight coming off. After a few weeks my insulin dosage was decreased and after two months my A1C went from 12.8 to 7.0 with no insulin INJECTIONS. After three months I was off cholesterol and blood pressure meds. Talk about incentive to keep going. I have just begun the transition phase of my weight loss as of June 22, 2012 and so far so good. I will be running my first of many 5k’s, the Runapalooza at O.C.C. next Saturday, unbelievable. At 263 lbs., I am more than half way to my goal weight of 230lbs., what I weighed in the police academy 27 years ago.

I feel better than I have in years and did not realize how much I was missing because of the gradual decline in my health and the delusion that growing older has to mean more meds and less activity. If you are on the fence about this program, just do it!!!! Dr. Scinta, her office staff, the professional dieticians and exercise experts will support you as you work towards YOUR goals every step of the way. I will be forever grateful for what these fine people have helped me achieve.

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  1. Lindsey

    Ron I am sooo proud of you!! Even more that you are starting ot run 5ks…I don’t think I can ever get the motivation to run lol. I am gonna miss seeing you every week and listening to your whistleing and see your smile that you always had no matter what!! Congrats 🙂

  2. Sam

    You should be extremely proud of yourself for all your success. Everytime you come to our office you are a ray of sunshine and you bring smiles to all of our faces. Continue to shine!

  3. Rhonda


    I miss ya!! You are lookin’ hotter than ever! Jonesy must be proud…I know he is humming his jazz in heaven.

    Hope to see you soon. I’m very happy for you!


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