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Sarah’s Weight Loss Success Story

Sarah weight loss success testimonial

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled to keep my weight in a healthy range. When the pounds started to creep up, I was able to work them off and get back to a healthy weight. Due to many changes in my life when I hit 55 years old, I kept gaining and was no longer able to lose the weight. I blamed menopause, age, and starting a new job where I sit all day at the computer. After reaching the highest I ever was with my weight, and struggling to breathe when putting on my shoes, I decided enough was enough!

Like many others, I tried several of the well-known diet plans and programs. They all have some pros, but the minute I stopped, the weight would creep back on. This time I decided to search for clinics or doctors who would help me stick to the plan.

Dr. Scinta is my life-saver, life-changer, and role model! Her personality is contagious! The minute I entered her office, I was greeted by her friendly staff. From the receptionists, nurses, nutritionists, and finally Dr. Scinta, I felt at ease and valued. I absolutely love and appreciate the fact the nutritionist based my plan on my daily routine and needs. Having choice is so important in order to stick to the plan!
The shakes, bars, and other available foods are tasty and an easy replacement for meals. I started 3 days after my 60th birthday. One year later, I am down 43 pounds and have maintained my weight loss for several months.

Throughout my weight-loss journey, Dr. Scinta has monitored my bloodwork and total body well-being. She is thorough, professional, supportive, and simply amazing!

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