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Sheila’s 50lb Weight Loss

before and afte for weight loss patient, Sheila, who lost 50 pounds

Diabetes. That’s what started me on my weight loss journey. It wasn’t really a surprise. I had been pre-diabetic since I was a teenager and I had gestational diabetes with two of my pregnancies. I had been watching the pounds creep up over the 200 mark for awhile. I was nodding off during work, taking naps as soon as I got home, ordering out every night because I was too tired to cook and fast food for lunch because I was too exhausted in the morning to make anything.

My general physician recommended (with some urgency) that I needed to go on medication for high blood pressure and diabetes and that I needed to lose weight. So, I made my way back to Medical Weight Loss and Dr. Scinta. Yes, that’s right…back. This was not my first, not my second but my third round with this weight loss battle. I was determined that THIS time I would be successful and…I was. I dedicated myself to this journey once and for all. The staff became my weekly friendly faces, always encouraging, always welcoming and I would look forward to coming to my appointments.

So, here I am. I have lost over 50 pounds. I am no longer in the diabetic range, I’m not even in the pre-diabetic range which hasn’t happened since my pre-teen years. No high blood pressure either. I feel amazing. For the first time I am enjoying shopping for clothes and having the energy to play with my children. I am proud of myself for finally making a change that could only have happened with the encouragement and support of Medical Weight Loss and Dr. Scinta. I cannot thank you enough.

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