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Susan R’s 82lb Weight Loss

before and after of weight loss patient, Susan after 82 pounds of weight loss

As a child I was underweight. As a teenager and throughout my young adult life, I was thin and did a fair amount of modeling. I even had the privilege of modeling for Emilio Pucci when I was 37. I’m 5’10”.

Being overweight was not an option for me, and I never identified with the concept that I could be a fat person. However, my father was an extremely large man and was always dieting. Genetics unfortunately do play some part in this equation.

When I turned 45, I noticed that I was gradually gaining weight. I had quit smoking, which was a good thing, but was not paying attention to my eating habits. Gradually over time, I gained slowly each year.

I dieted with four different programs; some several times. Whatever amount of weight I lost, I regained and gained even more. This yo-yo dieting led me to believe that I would never be thin again.

I found it difficult to be physically active, and it became increasingly difficult for me to participate in many activities with my friends and family. I was embarrassed to be seen at the lake in a swim suit or on our boat. I have three young grandchildren, and I wanted to be a part of their active and vibrant world.

Arthritis had seriously aggravated my knee joints, and the weight of my body damaged the cartilage in both knees. I made a decision to get healthy and had one knee replaced, followed in two years by the second knee replacement. Following that, and the physical therapy associated with the surgery, I began walking because I was finally pain free.

When I considered losing weight again, I was desperate. My sister in law told me about Medical Weight Loss of CNY, and encouraged me to see Dr. Scinta. I began my weight loss journey 13 months ago and I have lost 82 lbs. I have never been happier, and never felt so well. I am 73 years old and have amazing energy and know that it is the result of healthy eating, exercise, and most of all being guided by medical professionals. This program is like no other, and I have done them all.

The most significant part of my journey with Dr. Scinta and her staff is that I thoroughly understand and appreciate the individual analysis of my physiology, my body health, and what I require to remain healthy. I have lowered my cholesterol significantly, I no longer require meds for GERD, and my glucose level is normal. My blood pressure is much lower and in a normal range. My blood work is taken every 30 lbs. of weight loss, and the lab reports are wonderful. I have lost fat, not muscle and I am doing great. I love knowing my rate of metabolism. A dietitian and psychologist are on staff for individual counseling as well as classes offered frequently for groups.

Being healthy at my age is a blessing, and I am very grateful for it. I am taking advantage of every moment and can thank the caring staff at Medical Weight Loss of CNY for helping me. They are professional, supportive, kind, and very encouraging. I have never felt better. No one is ever too old to lose weight, get healthy and make a new lifestyle.

And the added benefit of losing weight is…that I look fabulous!

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  1. Sheila McGuire

    Congratulations! I have seen you recently and know how great you look. I remember your first visit to the office for your new patient physical, and how you were struggling with health issues, but so motivated to get started. It has been so rewarding to see you achieve your goals. I never knew that you did modeling, but I’m not surprised. Being around you, it’s easy to see how good you feel. Enjoy those grandchildren!!

  2. Sam

    Susan- you look fabulous! I am glad you are feeling so much better. I am loving the mindset you have. Always stay positive!

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